May 28, 2010


Dear Colleagues;

The National Coalition Of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC) Board of Directors wish to express a word of gratitude for the privilege of inviting us to participate at this historic event.

I have instructed Dr. Carlos Galindo CONLAMIC-Arizona State Coordinator, to be present on my behalf. Previous meetings engagements in Texas, deprives me to come to Arizona at this time.

As you all know by now, our attorneys filed the first complaint against Arizona State Law SB-1070.

Over 300 local churches and Pastors in Arizona, required from us to move quickly on their behalf.

CONLAMIC Legal Defense Fund has a young but proven tract record, with previous experiences in Riverside NJ, Oklahoma (against Oklahoma State Law HB-1804) and Georgia.

We welcome other similar efforts in Arizona, by MALDEF and ACLU.

I commend the National Congreso Latino for taking the lead on such a matter of grave importance; IMMIGRANT JUSTICE!

Achieving Comprehensive Immigration Reform is our primary goal. Making such happen, needs a bold strategic and grass roots oriented approach. CONLAMIC 30,000 Latino evangelical churches are ready and fired-up.

It is our understanding that strong divisions among the Democratic Congressional Leaders and a wrong political approach by the White House, harmed irreparably a CIR effort for the next two to ten years.

Midterm elections will not help to move further with such a complex and sensitive issue.

As per our advisers, a specific targeted legislative efforts agenda to stop present laws from further implementation (REAL ID ACT, 287-G etc.) Is our best chance to seek remedy.

Advocating for the DREAM ACT and reauthorizing of 245-I could bring excellent results, in the meantime.

Returning also to a Temporary Workers Status Visas for all 11.6 million undocumented immigrants (renewable every two years, without exiting the country) is also a more doable legislative approach for members of Congress.

Further Civil Disobedience actions are not welcomed at this time. The anti-Latino immigration sentiment is to strong to combat expecting public opinion.

Legal efforts such as constitutional declaration lawsuits and racial profiling requests for further federal investigations could bring financial pressure to those States and Municipalities that are fooling around with the issue for political purposes.

Legislative Voting Records should be exposed publicly to empower all constituents about members of Congress political rationale and make them accountable.

Peaceful rallies and inter-faith prayer vigils are encouraged and CONLAMIC churches will support further.

My prayers are on behalf of the success of this Summit and once again, thanks for asking the Latino evangelical church to come forward and be part of this historic event.

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