May 03, 2010

CONLAMIC: National Latino Evangelical Leaders Cautiously Welcome Senators Schumer and Menendez Comprehensive Immigration Draft

WASHINGTON, DC - The National Coalition of Latino Clergy & Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC) cautiously welcomes Senators Schumer, Menendez and Reid announcement on comprehensive immigration reform.

"Its only a draft, there is no bill yet but at least somebody is taking a lead on this issue and that only, arouses hope in the hearts of millions of undocumented immigrants who are waiting in the shadows and legal limbo," said Reverend Miguel Rivera, CONLAMIC Chairman of the Board of Directors.

CONLAMIC sent previously last year a letter to Senator Charles Schumer, expressing concerns about the bio-metric identification card, a component included as a requirement to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

"We expect that such requirement will stall any CIR legislative efforts in Courts. That alone means more years to come even after Congress passing CIR,"saiding Reverend Rivera.

CONLAMIC Board of Directors prefers an expansion of the E-Verify program, making it mandatory for all employers to comply.

"Once a comprehensive immigration legalization process is in place and people come forward, registering themselves can verify the status of those who apply for a job without any concern at all because no one will be illegal then.

We are praying and in the meantime, fighting in Court against Arizona and will do the same against any other States, should they take the same anti-immigrant racial profiling sanctioning route.

But Congress needs to stop talking and start acting without further delay,"concluded Reverend Rivera.

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