April 25, 2010

CONLAMIC Legal Defense Fund to Fight Arizona's SB-1070 through the Courts

Washington, DC- The National Coalition Of Latino Clergy & Christian Leaders is supporting CONLAMIC Legal Defense Fund as it moves expeditiously to challenge the new anti-immigrant Arizona SB-1070 law on matters of constitutionality.

"Our Churches and Pastors in Arizona are outraged about the significant threat this anti-immigrant law will have in the lives of Arizona's Latino's," said Rev. Miguel Rivera, Chairman of Conlamic.

Conlamic leaders have prayed for peace and justice in Arizona, as concerns about racial profiling and increased racial animosity may develop against Latino's and other minorities and their families you live and work in the state of Arizona as a result of local immigration enforcement by local Police officers and government employees.

Latino evangelical leaders will not tolerate activity such as racial profiling in their communities. Governor Janice Brewer in Arizona has made a serious error in judgment by using her authority to enact state policy that will do more harm than good for Arizona.

"This policy violates the rights of American citizens, particularly the fast growing Latino population of Arizona by eliminating the basic right of due process, which we are certain that the courts will agree,"said Rev. Miguel Rivera, Chairman of Conlamic and Conlamic Legal Defense Fund.

"The issue is not that Arizona is state fraught with racism, because its not. The issue here is that Governor Brewer has taken this action in order to please her political backers - something that will likely backfire on her and Republicans in November," said Carlos Galindo, CONLAMIC-Arizona Coordinator, who represents 300 Latino evangelical churches and pastors in Arizona.

"We expect a federal judge to find SB-1070 unconstitutional and illegal in its merits. We plan to file a formal complaint," said William Sanchez, Esq. President of CONLAMIC Legal Defense Fund.

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