March 31, 2010

Evangelical Leaders Stand Firm: Unauthorized Immigrants Urged to Boycott Census 2010

Washington, DC - The National Coalition Of Latino Clergy & Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC) the largest Latino Evangelical Pastor's Advocacy organization in the country, representing over 20,000 churches in 34 States, officially calls on April 1st, for all undocumented immigrants; ABSTAIN YOURSELVES FROM CENSUS PARTICIPATION. NO LEGALIZATION NO ENUMERATION.

The Census Boycott IS ON. This is a matter of Moral Principle and Pastoral Care. Congress will not move forward with legalization, there is no moratorium on executing raids and deportations.

It is in the best interests and the welfare of millions of undocumented immigrants, to exercise their right to free expression maintaining themselves silent and not exposing themselves further, says the Reverend Miguel Rivera, CONLAMIC President.

"There is no assurance of whom will knock at our doors. Last summer over 200 numerators had criminal records.

We do not know with whom those temporary census workers are privately affiliated.

We do not know, if they are ICE informants or anti-immigrant zealous vigilantes, who will do what they think is necessary to pour their discriminatory sentiments against Latino undocumented immigrants.

We do know that, after census 2000, all hell broke lose against Latino immigrants around the country.

States like Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona, Oklahoma, Missouri and even some California, New Jersey and Florida regions, passed anti immigrant laws, making life miserable for every undocumented immigrant.

We recognize that the Census is important, but its own importance and accuracy, converts itself into a WEAPON OF FAMILIES DESTRUCTION.

Counties and States are making money out of counting undocumented immigrants detained in private correctional facilities, before being deported.

"More federal funding has been approved for the expansion of the 287-G (Gestapo immigration law enforcement effort) resulting in more arrests and deportations ever," said Rev. Rivera.

CONLAMIC preliminary reports confirms that over 3 millions evangelical Latinos, church members, will avoid cooperating with the census.

Our internal reports confirms that States like, Georgia, Arizona, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina, are going to see a huge impact because of the empowerment of undocumented immigrants, who will not step out of the shadows to be counted, and turned once again away while enduring racial profiling and deportation.

Only a Cease and Desist on Raids and Deportations would move us to call the boycott effort to stop.

Congress procrastinates with this matter of profound moral importance for every immigrant family. Ultimately, they are solely responsible for the accuracy or deficiency of the census 2010 efforts.

In the meantime, while Congress or the White House make up their mind, Churches and Pastors do care for the sake of our brethren. It is our spiritual and moral duty to empower them, inform undocumented immigrants of every aspect regarding census participation, bring out the facts and evidenced statistics and let them decide by themselves about welcoming in their homes a census federal badge operative,"concluded Rev. Rivera.

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