January 27, 2010

Latino Evangelical Pastors Condemn Andre Bauer's Insults and Demand Resignation!

Greenville, SC - The National Coalition Of Latino Clergy And Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC) and the South Carolina Latino Clergy Council called an emergency meeting on Saturday, January 30th of their members for the purpose of voting on a resolution to condemn Lieutenant Governor Andre Bauer's recent comments against low income families and to demand his immediate resignation.

"CONLAMIC-South Carolina Latino evangelical pastors and church leaders, are ready to fight; first, with a letter addressed to the South Carolina State Legislature and the Republican Party, condemning the extremist views and insulting remarks by Mr. Bauer," said Rev. Miguel Rivera, CONLAMIC Chairman of the Board of Directors

Conlamic pastors report that once again, Mr. Bauers actions demonstrate alarming racial intolerance and arrogance in his interview with USA Today this morning in which he compares low income families who are struggling to make ends meet with "stray animals who- once fed, they breed" as per the USA Today reports this morning.

"The people of South Carolina have recently suffered the humiliation of Governor Mark Stanford's scandalous behavior, and now, Mr. Bauer, follows by making immoral and racist comments that insult the people of his own state. We demand retribution," said Rev. Julio Sotero, President of the South Carolina Latino Clergy Council, representing over 250 evangelical Hispanic churches in the state of South Carolina.

CONLAMIC, the largest Latino evangelical advocacy organization in United States and Puerto Rico, representing over 20,000 pastors, based in Washington DC, will provide legal and media strategic assistance to its affiliates in South Carolina, to confront this latest assault against all minorities. Rev. Rivera, its Chairman will travel to the state immediately.

"South Carolina needs to be healed from the bad behavior politicians with despicable actions who still behave as if the white rich elite are still the owners of the South. They must open their eyes and look around at their true surroundings and embrace diversity, " said Rev. Sotero.

Thousands of Latino conservative evangelical leaders are also unemployed and suffering the wrongdoings of liberal spending and out of touch politicians in DC.

The CONLAMIC Leaders' meeting will be held, Saturday, January 30th at 1200 Woodruff Road, Suite E-1, Greenville, SC 29607 (864) 297-0950 at 10:00am.

Weather permitting, a prayer vigil will be announced at the steps of the Greenville's City Hall urging action by the Republican leaders and SC legislators against Mr. Bauer.

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