January 28, 2010

CONLAMIC: Response to President Barack Obama's State of the Union Speech

Washington, DC - The Chairman of the National Coalition Of Latino Clergy And Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC) expressed profound disappointment after President Barack Obama's State of the Union remarks due to the vague comments delivered on the most important civil rights issue of the 21st century: Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

"President Obama said almost nothing regarding the urgent need to revamp and correct our broken immigration laws," said Rev. Miguel Rivera, Chairman of CONLAMIC.

After almost one hour of remarks President Obama mentioned the issue bit his statement clearly lacked a sense of commitment to achieve a comprehensive solution to the immigration problem.

Nothing in his speech gave the assurance that any specific immigration reform efforts by this administration will be directed or accomplished. He did not state his intention to move forward with a legalization initiative. Latino's in the United States expect President Obama to comply with his promise to prioritize Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

" We are deeply disappointed and frustrated in President Obama's omission of the comprehensive immigration reform issue, which is of critical importance to Latino's who mobilized to help put him into the White House. More than 67% of Latino voted for him, including many of our members, conservative evangelical leaders," said Rev. Rivera.

CONLAMIC's National Board of Directors will convene Wednesday, February 3rd, to analyze further the situation and consider a response to what CONLAMIC leaders consider a misguided presidential strategy for the next midterm elections.

CONLAMIC pastors will increase its efforts to empower its undocumented church members by encouraging them to not be counted in the 2010 Census. Leaders see it as a matter of principle as they are committed to the protection and well being of millions of undocumented immigrants who are members of Hispanic Christian churches," conclude Rev. Miguel Rivera.

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