December 08, 2009

New Jersey Latino Evangelical Leaders Urge Legislators to Support Traditional Marriage

TRENTON, NJThe New Jersey Latino Christian Clergy Conference (CONLAMIC-NJ) is calling members of the New Jersey Senate to stop all legislative efforts against "Traditional Marriage".
CONLAMIC-NJ is the largest Latino evangelical pastors organization statewide, representing over 400 pentecostal, evangelical and charismatic christian churches in New Jersey.

"Traditional Marriage is the union between one man and one woman and legislating against it or calling Marriage any other type of relationship, is not only against the will of the majority of citizens in the State of New Jersey, but the Country as well", said Reverend Jose Lopez, President of CONLAMIC-NJ.
Gay Marriage has been rejected in the States of Maine and New York by State Legislature and Public Referendum.

"If a few Senators are convinced that their legislative duties include a moral assault against Traditional Marriage in New Jersey, then we urge them to call for a Referendum and let the people decide on this issue. In the mean time, we urge them not to railroad the moral dignity of Traditional Marriage, just for mere political opportunism", said Rev. Lopez.

CONLAMIC Pastors will meet this week in Trenton to advocate with all members of the Senate on behalf of "Traditional Marriage".

"Our expectation is that our Latina Senator Teresa Ruiz will show her support for Traditional Marriage. She is accountable to the Hispanic community and the majority of Latinos are well known supporters of marriage only between one man one woman " concluded the Rev. Lopez.

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