December 15, 2009

In Violation Of Church And State: Census 2010 Efforts Insults the Christian Evangelical Faith

Washington, DC - The National Coalition of Latino Clergy & Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC) condemns the propaganda actions by the Census Bureau for using the name of JESUS and pretending to persuade Hispanic Christians to respond to the census 2010 efforts.

"The Census 2010 Spanish propaganda is anti-Christian. It is a despicable act, not withstanding that also violates the concept of separation of Church and State," said Rev. Miguel Rivera CONLAMIC Chairman.

Leaders from various Hispanic Theology Institutions will address this latest blasphemous attempt by the Census Bureau on a Press Conference scheduled for next week in New York.

"An act of impious exploitation to invoke the Holy Name of Jesus for what we consider a secular effort, financed by taxpayers funding without any respect for the Christian Faith during the Christmas Season," said Rev. Rivera.

"Such atrocious and defiant use of propaganda by the Census Bureau is evidence of how Christianity is under attack in this country and while census operatives are hiding behind lies and false statements to intimidate undocumented Christian Latino immigrants to answer the census - this would never happen against Muslims, Buddhists or other religious faiths," said Rev. Kittim Silva, CONLAMIC Vice-Chairman and a member of the New York Evangelical Theological Seminary.

"Census officials have avoided all attempts to respond to our concerns and statements on behalf of the undocumented immigrants, concerned about the true facts about confidentiality, hate crimes and an anti-immigration agenda, purposely empowered by census bureau data published previously against the welfare of over 12 million undocumented immigrants," said Rev.Dr. Antonio Mansogo, CONLAMIC Executive Vice President and President of the Hispanic Pentecostal Ministers and Bible Teachers Association of Georgia.

CONLAMIC churches are being called to avoid participating at any census forums, where such anti-Christian propaganda is being offered, considering an ATTACK against the moral authority of the GOSPEL.

"The Bible does not endorses any census attempts and the historic mention of such secular efforts are only biblically addressed to affirm the historic value of the Bible and not to be invoke by those who has no respect for the "spiritual value of such a sacred testament," said Rev. Dr. David Guel, a Southern Hispanic Baptist leader and President of Concerned Hispanic Evangelicals in Houston, Texas.

"Such a distortion and evil propaganda, deserves a strong rebuke from all the Hispanic Assemblies of God Churches in America," said Rev. Dr. Luis Lopez, an Assemblies of God Minister and former Chairman of the Florida State Hispanic Churches Association.

CONLAMIC Pastors will respond with a massive radio campaign around the Nation, calling for members of the local churches to call their local Census Bureau offices and condemning such a violation of the Christian Faith.

"We call upon the National Association of Evangelicals to join us on this effort, which cannot be underestimated, because of its implications against the Christian and Evangelical Church in America," concluded Rev.Rivera.

The National Coalition of Latino Clergy And Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC) condemns the propaganda actions by the Census Bureau, for using the Name of JESUS and pretending to persuade Hispanic Christians to respond to the census 2010 efforts.


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