December 15, 2009

In Violation Of Church And State: Census 2010 Efforts Insults the Christian Evangelical Faith

Washington, DC - The National Coalition of Latino Clergy & Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC) condemns the propaganda actions by the Census Bureau for using the name of JESUS and pretending to persuade Hispanic Christians to respond to the census 2010 efforts.

"The Census 2010 Spanish propaganda is anti-Christian. It is a despicable act, not withstanding that also violates the concept of separation of Church and State," said Rev. Miguel Rivera CONLAMIC Chairman.

Leaders from various Hispanic Theology Institutions will address this latest blasphemous attempt by the Census Bureau on a Press Conference scheduled for next week in New York.

"An act of impious exploitation to invoke the Holy Name of Jesus for what we consider a secular effort, financed by taxpayers funding without any respect for the Christian Faith during the Christmas Season," said Rev. Rivera.

"Such atrocious and defiant use of propaganda by the Census Bureau is evidence of how Christianity is under attack in this country and while census operatives are hiding behind lies and false statements to intimidate undocumented Christian Latino immigrants to answer the census - this would never happen against Muslims, Buddhists or other religious faiths," said Rev. Kittim Silva, CONLAMIC Vice-Chairman and a member of the New York Evangelical Theological Seminary.

"Census officials have avoided all attempts to respond to our concerns and statements on behalf of the undocumented immigrants, concerned about the true facts about confidentiality, hate crimes and an anti-immigration agenda, purposely empowered by census bureau data published previously against the welfare of over 12 million undocumented immigrants," said Rev.Dr. Antonio Mansogo, CONLAMIC Executive Vice President and President of the Hispanic Pentecostal Ministers and Bible Teachers Association of Georgia.

CONLAMIC churches are being called to avoid participating at any census forums, where such anti-Christian propaganda is being offered, considering an ATTACK against the moral authority of the GOSPEL.

"The Bible does not endorses any census attempts and the historic mention of such secular efforts are only biblically addressed to affirm the historic value of the Bible and not to be invoke by those who has no respect for the "spiritual value of such a sacred testament," said Rev. Dr. David Guel, a Southern Hispanic Baptist leader and President of Concerned Hispanic Evangelicals in Houston, Texas.

"Such a distortion and evil propaganda, deserves a strong rebuke from all the Hispanic Assemblies of God Churches in America," said Rev. Dr. Luis Lopez, an Assemblies of God Minister and former Chairman of the Florida State Hispanic Churches Association.

CONLAMIC Pastors will respond with a massive radio campaign around the Nation, calling for members of the local churches to call their local Census Bureau offices and condemning such a violation of the Christian Faith.

"We call upon the National Association of Evangelicals to join us on this effort, which cannot be underestimated, because of its implications against the Christian and Evangelical Church in America," concluded Rev.Rivera.

The National Coalition of Latino Clergy And Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC) condemns the propaganda actions by the Census Bureau, for using the Name of JESUS and pretending to persuade Hispanic Christians to respond to the census 2010 efforts.


December 08, 2009

New Jersey Latino Evangelical Leaders Urge Legislators to Support Traditional Marriage

TRENTON, NJThe New Jersey Latino Christian Clergy Conference (CONLAMIC-NJ) is calling members of the New Jersey Senate to stop all legislative efforts against "Traditional Marriage".
CONLAMIC-NJ is the largest Latino evangelical pastors organization statewide, representing over 400 pentecostal, evangelical and charismatic christian churches in New Jersey.

"Traditional Marriage is the union between one man and one woman and legislating against it or calling Marriage any other type of relationship, is not only against the will of the majority of citizens in the State of New Jersey, but the Country as well", said Reverend Jose Lopez, President of CONLAMIC-NJ.
Gay Marriage has been rejected in the States of Maine and New York by State Legislature and Public Referendum.

"If a few Senators are convinced that their legislative duties include a moral assault against Traditional Marriage in New Jersey, then we urge them to call for a Referendum and let the people decide on this issue. In the mean time, we urge them not to railroad the moral dignity of Traditional Marriage, just for mere political opportunism", said Rev. Lopez.

CONLAMIC Pastors will meet this week in Trenton to advocate with all members of the Senate on behalf of "Traditional Marriage".

"Our expectation is that our Latina Senator Teresa Ruiz will show her support for Traditional Marriage. She is accountable to the Hispanic community and the majority of Latinos are well known supporters of marriage only between one man one woman " concluded the Rev. Lopez.

December 06, 2009


By Reverend Miguel Rivera

When elected officials and the community struggle with a matter of moral responsibility, church leaders cannot avoid their solemn commitment to indict those in office to move forward and do what is RIGHT AND MORAL!

Conservative Latino Evangelical Pastors are constantly at the forefront of the undocumented immigrant community battle with a broken immigration system that besides being obsolete is also the main factor for divided families (because of deportation); American citizen children being forced to live in exile out of their mainland (born to deported parents); the division, polarization and animosity against most (non-white) immigrants, happening among our communities and the laceration of a capitalist affluent economy that depends on a vibrant immigration force.

It happens that, those same elected officials who truly understand this facts, are also divided;

There are those who capitalized because of a false nationalistic anti-immigrant sentiment and;

Others, who are so afraid of losing their seat in Congress, that procrastinate on the issue but at the same time, during election season, they stop by only to seek the Latino vote, knowing about our influence since been designated as the largest ethnic AMERICAN minority in the Country.

The Latino Evangelical Church in America has spoken; Enough is Enough. Before Enumeration We Demand Legalization!

Members of Congress, should move forward with comprehensive immigration reform or be prepared to explain to your constituents, why the lost of federal funding for your earmark projects or why the absurd configuration of "ghost electoral districts" that have less voting citizens residents, and at the expense of other disenfranchised of such representation.

Pastors are confronted with the consequences of a surge on law enforcement actions and strategies empowering local police officers as immigration agents, under 287-G;

Memorandums of understanding between County Detention Centers Local Police Departments and Federal Immigration (ICE) Enforcement, speeds ahead with a "deportation quota agenda".

This aggressive scenario becomes evident with road blocks and raids, and racial profiling, disturbing evidence against mainly Latino immigrants.

Our call to action to every undocumented immigrants is the following; do Not Attempt To Step Out Of The Shadows To Be Counted, Only To Be Forced Later To Turn Back To The Same Shadows, AGAIN!

Our best argument is; If all undocumented immigrants are so much needed to be counted, then members of Congress need to make time and move forward with comprehensive immigration reform, so that all duly counted (ALL) people, will benefit equitably as well.

Latino Evangelical Pastors are all for an accurate census effort. But such census accuracy, cannot be at the high cost of exposing additional numbers of "Latinos".

Being us the majority among the undocumented immigrants, and further becoming a numerical fact, suitable to be used against our own people, is unacceptable.

Even when President Barack Obama said "illegals will not be included on the Health Care Reform" (Senate version not even considers them to purchase with their own out of pocket money in the so called exchange) is the latest evidence why undocumented immigrants are duly and rightfully entitled under the Constitution, to exercise Free Expression, NO PARTICIPATION.

Making way for ALL, to enjoy being legal and comply with the laws of our Nation, is imperative before this coming census 2010.