August 22, 2009

The Latino Elected Official Dilema: Empowering Constituencies or Political Power Religion Monger

Our Latino elected officials are always in the midst of such a moral conscience dilemma regarding their "representative commitment status" when constituency issues arise vs. political partisan agenda.

Few have been honestly faithful by duly representing us as "their faithful base and loving constituencies."

The same can be said about their "commitment and respect showing" for those who voted them into office.

Many others HAVE NOT!

For the most part, their partisan alliance is too much to risk, moving first an agenda of special party interests and contributor agenda. This gets even worst when elections are near.

For all members of Congress such a dilemma is the main source of an agonizing trauma; not particularly for themselves, but for their constituents.

Controversial and sensitive issues are brought up for debate due to many legislative agendas, advocacy efforts from special interests, lobbyists and YES; true concerns of every voter who assumes being honestly represented.

But the truth behind the scenes is that there is always an extremely fine and treacherous line that happens to confront those who procrastinate moving forward with what is morally right to legislate, accordingly.

Furthermore, partisan platforms and politically sensitive policies, quite often, become adversaries and that's when each member of Congress should have the willingness and moral integrity to exercise its mandate duly honoring those who are left in their electoral districts; believing in political empowerment and fair, honest representation.

At this time, it's a fact, that 67% of the Latino vote, seems not to be sufficiently encouraging an empowering mandate for Democrats to respect and move them forward with a high sense of priority to legislate a fair and humane comprehensive immigration reform.

Ask yourself: Is there a new political empowerment paradigm that is needed to decipher as we prepare ourselves to vote in 2010?

It seems that for many Latino elected officials, (Republican and Democrats alike), the so called empowerment's new paradigm is merely "partisan mongering."

For at least 32 Democrats in the House, duly elected from (a loaner) conservative electoral districts are a concerned about what's best to retain a Democratic majority until 2012.

For Republicans, mainly from those states where (per Census data) an increasing Latino community is developing rapidly in their states are duly performing "worse".

Gambling on the fact that, past Latino voting numbers are very weak and in many conservative regions, maybe irrelevant.

But this trend, will CHANGE as well.

Latino constituencies around the country, are to encourage every member of Congress to understand that; "We are an energetic, vibrant sophisticated and growing swing Vote".

This fact is every day more feasible and for such, meticulously researched as per the millions of dollars that are being invested in the coming Census 2010.

Our message today to all Members of Congress (but mostly our Latino Representatives); Be compelled to move forward, push and fight to pass a fair, humane, TRUE Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

To be compelled means, that we expect from our Latino members of Congress, even to consider a filibuster to any other legislation, which seems to become a distraction.

A pre-ordained excuse for not passing and fulfilling the promised legislation announced while then a candidate, today to all known to us as, President Barack Obama" (Ask Rahm Emanuel).

Latino evangelical churches are ready to move forward with a "Call to boycott Census 2010", as a radical advocacy approach for immigration reform.

Every Latino Evangelical pastor feels empowered by prayer to ask members of our churches (who happen to be undocumented immigrants), NOT to expose themselves further, answering a census form unless they are on a path to legalization.

Such empowering effort makes every Pastor, duly accountable to its constituency. There is no place for "party mongers", in the Church.

Our Latino leadership in Congress should emulate such principle and bring back the gospel of fairness and integrity within what many have named Capitol Hill; the "Cathedral of Democracy".
Avoiding such commitment makes them to be known to all of us as "Partisan Political Mystic Followers and Sectarian Religious Cathedral Mongers".

The Reverend Miguel Rivera is the Chairman of the National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders(CONLAMIC) the largest Hispanic Pastors advocacy organization in the United States and Puerto Rico.

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