August 07, 2009

Conlamic Comprehensive Immigration Reform News

CONLAMIC Latino Evangelical Clergy and National Christian Leaders, are moving forward with a host of advocacy activities throughout the U.S., while Congress is in recess.

CIR OR BOYCOTT CENSUS 2010: The national campaing, "Antes De Contar Nos Tienen Que Legalizar" (Legalization Before Enumeration) is spreading like fire, beyond our expectations.

Over one million members of our "barrio local" congregations in 34 States are expected to not expose themselves by offering formation to the Census by April 1, 2010, unless Congress passes Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

Reports coming in from our state chapters in Arizona, California, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Iowa, Delaware, Virginia, and New Jersey are describing the level of commitment that Latino Pastors local labor union leaders and pro-immigration activists are planning to apply more pressure to members of Congress.

CONLAMIC supports an accurate and complete census count.

This can only be accomplished after millions of undocumented immigrants are assured by law that a path to legalization is available for them and all concerns regarding anti-immigrant local initiatives (like 287-G program) will stop being executed against them. As of today, 66 Counties around the Country, where Census 2000 public data confirms an increase of the Hispanic community, law enforcement sponsors of some type of immigration enforcement "agreement of understanding".

Thousands of Latino undocumented immigrants are arrested and moved for deportation proceeding, victims of racial profiling or Hold for ICE for driving without a license. CONLAMIC Pastors are advising, NOT ANSWER THE DOOR OR FILL OUT THE CENSUS FORMS, if they have no legal status in the country.

PRAYER RALLIES: Twenty one cities around the Country are being scheduled for massive prayer rallies, most of them at Sheriff's Headquarters, Detention Centers and City Halls.

A network of Spanish christian radio stations nationwide, are sponsoring such events where hundreds of Latino evangelicals will gather to Pray, Sing Praises and Demonstrate their rejection to the present, "enforcement only policy" being enhanced by the Department of Homeland Security.

OPEN PUBLIC FORUMS: CONLAMIC Latino Christian Pastors are sponsoring a series of public forums around the Country. These are local gatherings at Church's Fellowship Halls, Christian Schools and Home Family Events, where prayer and worship is the perfect spiritual setting to empower all members of our congregations and whole communities, to become more involved calling their local Elected Officials and Members of Congress, to move forward with "true and fair," comprehensive Immigration Reform.

PRESS FLASH: CONLAMIC National Board of Directors are opposing Senator Charles Schumer National ID BIO METRIC CARD, as the main item on a Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill, being drafted in the Senate.

We believe this to be considered to a POISON PILL that will ultimately derail all efforts for Comprehensive Immigration Reform. American workers will have an additional concern regarding CIR and libertarians policy advocates will move forward with legal actions against such rule.

Once CIR is pass and a legalization path for undocumented immigrants is accomplished, the E-Verify program will perform more accurately and such approach is less expensive than creating a whole new "citizen's and permanent workers database", said Reverend Miguel Rivera, CONLAMIC Chairman.

IMPORTANT NOTE:For additional information and local support, visit (English website) website) or call (202) 615-7444.

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