August 27, 2009

Is Census Seeking to Utilize Latino Children Against Undocumented Immigrant Parents?

Washington, DC - The National Coalition Of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC)is issuing an advisory notice to all Hispanic Churches, Pastors and Faith Based organizations around the country, regarding the latest "Census 2010 partnership scheme", with various school board districts.

Such initiative is being deployed, encouraging teachers to distribute census orientation packets, for school children, to bring home.

"While we can understand the Census Bureau efforts to secure and accomplish an accurate count of all Americans, this is not possible while millions of undocumented immigrants, have no assurance of benefits, due to their legal status and a broken immigration system.

Such school-census partnerships at this time, are to be considered a deliberate attempt, to encourage divisiveness and confusion among members of all undocumented immigrant families, who are duly concerned about the risks of exposing themselves by participating and being counted in the 2010 census.

Teachers providing school children with verbal arguments and propaganda to force arguments around kitchen family tables, is to be considered by all means as an instigating influence that ultimately will bring disruption and harm, to the sanctity of their homes.

This to members of the Clergy is, most reprehensible and even considered, UNAMERICAN.

While Latino Pastors are calling for undocumented immigrant members of our churches, to avoid answering the knocking at their doors by census employees, school teachers are being empowered to go forward with a "brain-washing" exercise at their schools, providing an scenario similar of a scheme warned in the Bible, as to "turn children against their parents", says the Reverend Miguel Rivera, CONLAMIC Chairman of the National Board of Directors.

Churches are concerned that while members of Congress procrastinate with their duly legislative responsibilities, to seek consensus and pass legislation for a fair and humane immigration reform, data published by past census reports is being used by anti-immigrant elected officials to enter in agreements with the Department of Homeland Security and their local police departments, to enforce a 287-G programs, which polarizes further entire immigrant communities.

"We are asking our attorneys to review such "census/schools partnerships" and look forward for a judiciary opinion if considered warranted.

Teachers, as members of the Clergy, are influential role models and not to be empowered for political special interests or governmental bureaucratic schemes, which could harm the sound "student / teacher" environment of a classroom, ultimately needed for only one purpose, to TEACH.

An undocumented immigrant adult parent, should not to be tramped much less, forced to do against his or her will, being distracted of their right to freedom of expression.
Less should be cohered by such an immoral scheme of having their own children been polarized and empowered against them", concluded the Rev. Rivera.

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