August 27, 2009

Is Census Seeking to Utilize Latino Children Against Undocumented Immigrant Parents?

Washington, DC - The National Coalition Of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC)is issuing an advisory notice to all Hispanic Churches, Pastors and Faith Based organizations around the country, regarding the latest "Census 2010 partnership scheme", with various school board districts.

Such initiative is being deployed, encouraging teachers to distribute census orientation packets, for school children, to bring home.

"While we can understand the Census Bureau efforts to secure and accomplish an accurate count of all Americans, this is not possible while millions of undocumented immigrants, have no assurance of benefits, due to their legal status and a broken immigration system.

Such school-census partnerships at this time, are to be considered a deliberate attempt, to encourage divisiveness and confusion among members of all undocumented immigrant families, who are duly concerned about the risks of exposing themselves by participating and being counted in the 2010 census.

Teachers providing school children with verbal arguments and propaganda to force arguments around kitchen family tables, is to be considered by all means as an instigating influence that ultimately will bring disruption and harm, to the sanctity of their homes.

This to members of the Clergy is, most reprehensible and even considered, UNAMERICAN.

While Latino Pastors are calling for undocumented immigrant members of our churches, to avoid answering the knocking at their doors by census employees, school teachers are being empowered to go forward with a "brain-washing" exercise at their schools, providing an scenario similar of a scheme warned in the Bible, as to "turn children against their parents", says the Reverend Miguel Rivera, CONLAMIC Chairman of the National Board of Directors.

Churches are concerned that while members of Congress procrastinate with their duly legislative responsibilities, to seek consensus and pass legislation for a fair and humane immigration reform, data published by past census reports is being used by anti-immigrant elected officials to enter in agreements with the Department of Homeland Security and their local police departments, to enforce a 287-G programs, which polarizes further entire immigrant communities.

"We are asking our attorneys to review such "census/schools partnerships" and look forward for a judiciary opinion if considered warranted.

Teachers, as members of the Clergy, are influential role models and not to be empowered for political special interests or governmental bureaucratic schemes, which could harm the sound "student / teacher" environment of a classroom, ultimately needed for only one purpose, to TEACH.

An undocumented immigrant adult parent, should not to be tramped much less, forced to do against his or her will, being distracted of their right to freedom of expression.
Less should be cohered by such an immoral scheme of having their own children been polarized and empowered against them", concluded the Rev. Rivera.

August 22, 2009

The Latino Elected Official Dilema: Empowering Constituencies or Political Power Religion Monger

Our Latino elected officials are always in the midst of such a moral conscience dilemma regarding their "representative commitment status" when constituency issues arise vs. political partisan agenda.

Few have been honestly faithful by duly representing us as "their faithful base and loving constituencies."

The same can be said about their "commitment and respect showing" for those who voted them into office.

Many others HAVE NOT!

For the most part, their partisan alliance is too much to risk, moving first an agenda of special party interests and contributor agenda. This gets even worst when elections are near.

For all members of Congress such a dilemma is the main source of an agonizing trauma; not particularly for themselves, but for their constituents.

Controversial and sensitive issues are brought up for debate due to many legislative agendas, advocacy efforts from special interests, lobbyists and YES; true concerns of every voter who assumes being honestly represented.

But the truth behind the scenes is that there is always an extremely fine and treacherous line that happens to confront those who procrastinate moving forward with what is morally right to legislate, accordingly.

Furthermore, partisan platforms and politically sensitive policies, quite often, become adversaries and that's when each member of Congress should have the willingness and moral integrity to exercise its mandate duly honoring those who are left in their electoral districts; believing in political empowerment and fair, honest representation.

At this time, it's a fact, that 67% of the Latino vote, seems not to be sufficiently encouraging an empowering mandate for Democrats to respect and move them forward with a high sense of priority to legislate a fair and humane comprehensive immigration reform.

Ask yourself: Is there a new political empowerment paradigm that is needed to decipher as we prepare ourselves to vote in 2010?

It seems that for many Latino elected officials, (Republican and Democrats alike), the so called empowerment's new paradigm is merely "partisan mongering."

For at least 32 Democrats in the House, duly elected from (a loaner) conservative electoral districts are a concerned about what's best to retain a Democratic majority until 2012.

For Republicans, mainly from those states where (per Census data) an increasing Latino community is developing rapidly in their states are duly performing "worse".

Gambling on the fact that, past Latino voting numbers are very weak and in many conservative regions, maybe irrelevant.

But this trend, will CHANGE as well.

Latino constituencies around the country, are to encourage every member of Congress to understand that; "We are an energetic, vibrant sophisticated and growing swing Vote".

This fact is every day more feasible and for such, meticulously researched as per the millions of dollars that are being invested in the coming Census 2010.

Our message today to all Members of Congress (but mostly our Latino Representatives); Be compelled to move forward, push and fight to pass a fair, humane, TRUE Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

To be compelled means, that we expect from our Latino members of Congress, even to consider a filibuster to any other legislation, which seems to become a distraction.

A pre-ordained excuse for not passing and fulfilling the promised legislation announced while then a candidate, today to all known to us as, President Barack Obama" (Ask Rahm Emanuel).

Latino evangelical churches are ready to move forward with a "Call to boycott Census 2010", as a radical advocacy approach for immigration reform.

Every Latino Evangelical pastor feels empowered by prayer to ask members of our churches (who happen to be undocumented immigrants), NOT to expose themselves further, answering a census form unless they are on a path to legalization.

Such empowering effort makes every Pastor, duly accountable to its constituency. There is no place for "party mongers", in the Church.

Our Latino leadership in Congress should emulate such principle and bring back the gospel of fairness and integrity within what many have named Capitol Hill; the "Cathedral of Democracy".
Avoiding such commitment makes them to be known to all of us as "Partisan Political Mystic Followers and Sectarian Religious Cathedral Mongers".

The Reverend Miguel Rivera is the Chairman of the National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders(CONLAMIC) the largest Hispanic Pastors advocacy organization in the United States and Puerto Rico.

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The Obama Administration Calls for Patience for CIR

WASHINGTON, DC - The National Coalition Of Latino Clergy & Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC) is faithfully expecting that Secretary Janet Napolitano, will address with promptness and effectiveness, the immediate need to move forward with Comprehensive Immigration Reform and profound procedural changes, on 287-G law enforcement federal immigration empowerment implementation at local level.

"As we considered as commendable the well intended call for a meeting with advocates of a fair and humane immigration reform, we expect that, the outcome transcends a merely public relations or damage control initiatives and get serious about the immediate need for a strong push in Congress and make them move forward with comprehensive legislation for immigration reform ", says the Reverend Miguel Rivera, CONLAMIC Chairman on a letter address to the Secretary Napolitano at Homeland Security.

On September 2007 we brought serious human rights concerns to former Assistant Secretary Julie Myers, regarding the mistreatment of latino undocumented immigrants while detained in federal or local detention centers and the lack of access that members of the Clergy are duly experiencing when trying to advocate for members of our congregations.

We commend the decision to stop the incarceration of undocumented mothers and children, but there is much more that needs to be done", wrote also the Reverend Rivera.

CONLAMIC Latino Christian Pastors around the country, has sponsored town hall meetings with members of Congress, where testimonies of family members have been duly documented as evidence of abuses and mistreatments from local law enforcement agents, practicing racial profiling and engaged on a "quota practices" while empowered by the 287-G immigration law enforcement program and similar initiatives.

"While Congress procrastinates on legislation that could bring millions of our brethren, out of the shadows and on a path for legalization, it is most imperative that DHS Secretary Napolitano, exercise a strong and fair leadership, to stop these incidents and practices to happen on such detention centers and that further exasperate our families and the community as a whole", concluded Reverend Rivera.

August 07, 2009

Conlamic Comprehensive Immigration Reform News

CONLAMIC Latino Evangelical Clergy and National Christian Leaders, are moving forward with a host of advocacy activities throughout the U.S., while Congress is in recess.

CIR OR BOYCOTT CENSUS 2010: The national campaing, "Antes De Contar Nos Tienen Que Legalizar" (Legalization Before Enumeration) is spreading like fire, beyond our expectations.

Over one million members of our "barrio local" congregations in 34 States are expected to not expose themselves by offering formation to the Census by April 1, 2010, unless Congress passes Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

Reports coming in from our state chapters in Arizona, California, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Iowa, Delaware, Virginia, and New Jersey are describing the level of commitment that Latino Pastors local labor union leaders and pro-immigration activists are planning to apply more pressure to members of Congress.

CONLAMIC supports an accurate and complete census count.

This can only be accomplished after millions of undocumented immigrants are assured by law that a path to legalization is available for them and all concerns regarding anti-immigrant local initiatives (like 287-G program) will stop being executed against them. As of today, 66 Counties around the Country, where Census 2000 public data confirms an increase of the Hispanic community, law enforcement sponsors of some type of immigration enforcement "agreement of understanding".

Thousands of Latino undocumented immigrants are arrested and moved for deportation proceeding, victims of racial profiling or Hold for ICE for driving without a license. CONLAMIC Pastors are advising, NOT ANSWER THE DOOR OR FILL OUT THE CENSUS FORMS, if they have no legal status in the country.

PRAYER RALLIES: Twenty one cities around the Country are being scheduled for massive prayer rallies, most of them at Sheriff's Headquarters, Detention Centers and City Halls.

A network of Spanish christian radio stations nationwide, are sponsoring such events where hundreds of Latino evangelicals will gather to Pray, Sing Praises and Demonstrate their rejection to the present, "enforcement only policy" being enhanced by the Department of Homeland Security.

OPEN PUBLIC FORUMS: CONLAMIC Latino Christian Pastors are sponsoring a series of public forums around the Country. These are local gatherings at Church's Fellowship Halls, Christian Schools and Home Family Events, where prayer and worship is the perfect spiritual setting to empower all members of our congregations and whole communities, to become more involved calling their local Elected Officials and Members of Congress, to move forward with "true and fair," comprehensive Immigration Reform.

PRESS FLASH: CONLAMIC National Board of Directors are opposing Senator Charles Schumer National ID BIO METRIC CARD, as the main item on a Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill, being drafted in the Senate.

We believe this to be considered to a POISON PILL that will ultimately derail all efforts for Comprehensive Immigration Reform. American workers will have an additional concern regarding CIR and libertarians policy advocates will move forward with legal actions against such rule.

Once CIR is pass and a legalization path for undocumented immigrants is accomplished, the E-Verify program will perform more accurately and such approach is less expensive than creating a whole new "citizen's and permanent workers database", said Reverend Miguel Rivera, CONLAMIC Chairman.

IMPORTANT NOTE:For additional information and local support, visit (English website) website) or call (202) 615-7444.

August 04, 2009

CONLAMIC Urges Senator McCain to Reconsider on Sotomayor

Honorable John McCain
Russell Building
Washington, D.C.

RE: Judge Sonia Sotomayor

Dear Senator McCain:

The purpose of this letter is to convey a message on behalf of many evangelical Latino pastors who consider you a true friend to the Latino community.

As conservative leaders, we understand the importance of "straight talk advocacy" to address and provide counter arguments against those who do not respect our traditional social values and moral tenets. Judge Sonia Sotomayor has demonstrated through her judicial tract record, to be a sufficiently independent and a profound believer of judicial precedent.

Taking into consideration that Judge Sotomayor is the first choice nominee, selected by President Barack H. Obama, is to some of us (conservative Hispanic advocates) an excellent (lucky) nomination. To many of us conservative advocates, President Obama’s first choice as judicial nominee is both fitting and fortunate. You see, to Latino leaders in America, Judge Sotomayor not only represents a qualified and exemplary nominee, but also represents the true meaning of achieving the American dream.

Senator McCain, I personally know you as a true fiscal conservative and an advocate who fights for what is right and moral, however, I strongly believe that your decision not to support Judge Sotomayor is a serious mistake. Latino’s in Arizona and around the nation have tremendous respect for your fair and sound judgment, which always precedes your impeccable political reputation. Social conservative Latinos are always seeking to understand the complexity of a bipartisan political scenario, where the power of swing votes is the best characterization of what political empowerment means.

The decision not to support Judge Sotomayor's nomination jeopardizes what could have been a tremendous opportunity to increase the loyalty of Hispanic conservative voters who are looking for leadership around the issues that are most important to them and causes them to support conservative elected officials.

Without any doubt, your Republican colleagues demonstrated high integrity, through the judicial hearings toward Judge Sotomayor while Democrats did not extend the same courtesy Miguel Estrada.

As your friend and supporter, I convey these honest words and bring attention to an opportunity that lies before you to rebuild a strong relationship with Latinos voters for your party.

I urge you to re-consider the nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor.

Be assured always of our Prayers for you and your family.

Very Truly Yours;

Reverend Miguel Rivera
Chairman Board of Directors
CONLAMIC Legal Defense Fund