July 14, 2009

National Labor Union Joins Census 2010 Boycott

Washington, DC - Today, during a live daily radio show and news analysis (CONLAMIC Informa) with the Reverend Miguel Rivera, the National Union Leader Nativo Lopez from Los Angeles, CA affirmed his commitment to the Latino faith leader's call on a Census Boycott, in absence of comprehensive immigration reform.

"Our union members concluded that there is no purpose at all in participating with a government census, while the same government castigates members of our families for being undocumented and to make matters worst, not taking seriously the moral need of true, fair comprehensive immigration reform," said Nativo Lopez, President of MAPA (Mexican American Political Association) and the Brotherhood Of Workers International Union, based in Los Angeles, CA.

"After careful consideration by all our Board Members and Affiliates it is our decision to stand firmly with CONLAMIC National Latino Faith Leaders and move forward with what is to be considered an excellent strategy based on non violence and non participation, until all our families are delivered from the bondage of an unjust and broken immigration policy that only pursues law enforcement, racial profiling, incarceration and deportation of our brothers and sisters,"said Nativo Lopez.

The National Coalition Of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC) the largest Latino evangelical pastor's advocacy organization in the Country, will be hosting several "Faith Leaders For Comprehensive Immigration Reform Forums" in Los Angeles CA, Phoenix AZ, Dallas TX, Houston TX, Chicago IL, Atlanta GA, Nashville TN, Boston MA, Charlotte NC, Greenville, SC and East Meadows NY, during July, August and September.

CONLAMIC Faith Leaders will meet in Washington DC October 1-2, 2009 for the General Annual Conference where further advancement of the Census 2010 Boycott will be discussed, including need for Latinos to join in solidarity and boycott of Census 2010 until Congress passes comprehensive immigration reform.

CONLAMIC leaders have been advised that the newly confirmed Census Bureau Director Dr. Robert Groves will support a partial moratorium a call to stop the raids while the Census operatives will conduct their job, but such "band-aid" approach to our concerns is not enough.

"We will respond firmly with our new slogan; NO LEGALIZATION, NO ENUMERATION!" concluded Rev. Rivera.

CONLAMIC Informa live broadcast is available on www.conlamic.org at 7:30am(EST) Monday through Friday.

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