July 09, 2009

Major Spanish Media Censors the Census 2010 Boycott!

By, The Reverend Miguel Rivera

Thousands of dollars are being paid to Spanish media outlets, just to try to stop our call to (Antes de Contar Nos Tienen Que Legalizar) "Boycott"the National Census 2010, unless Congress pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

As Pastors and Clergy Leaders, we have no quarrel with the Census Bureau and its Constitutional responsibility to have "every person counted".

But (YES), we have a profound concern with members of Congress who have procrastinated for years and only stop by our Churches when elections are near, making promises to fix a broken immigration system, returning the to Washington DC, to come with their best political strategy so far;"E-Verify desktops raids and called those people good to be counted, formally ILLEGALS".

And here comes a historic and most effective opportunity, the Census 2010 compliance time and the same "politicos" that had promised so much, are only concerned that even "institutionalized slavery" of the undocumented immigrants, need to be counted without any concern for them, knowing that after all census data is made public, just because their legal status, these same people, are being targeted with State and Municipal anti-immigrant laws, their families broken apart, business destroyed and Deported.

But even with so much at stake, Spanish Media bows to the millions of dollars becoming "clients" of the Census Bureau, because some of these "politicos", happens to be also Latinos and the opportunity is too much of a sinful lure to cash now and forget about their viewers or worst, demonstrating a lack of commitment to be "honest to their social communication standing" with the Latino community.

The truth is that, the same scenario where slaves were being counted centuries ago, just for political empowerment of a limited class of Americans (women and blacks were not allowed to vote), is being repeated at present.

Undocumented Immigrants cannot vote or hold "those politicos" accountable.
Many electoral districts are only in existence today, because of the numbers provided by the counting of undocumented immigrants, working at the fields in most farming and agricultural States.

Various States have been deprived of Congressional seats, due to the fact that, counting undocumented immigrants for the "Census Purpose Only", hinders representation for many American voters.

Such a negative effect is a "political partisan delight" in States where American Latino "citizens" are a strong voters force, such as Texas, California, Florida and New York.

The truth also is that, federal funding that comes back to the States, thanks to the numbers revealed by the Census data, is mostly to benefit legal Americans citizens.

Even legal residents and temporary protected legal workers, are always considered first, to be "kicked out" from benefits, when politicians are seeking budget cuts. In some cases like in California, retained paid up unemployment taxes, were at some time considered not to be paid to legal unemployed workers.

But, with so many facts that are available to be published, for the sake of bringing a "moral standing" to the need of a just and true comprehensive immigration reform legislation, Spanish Media outlets are caving to the Census Bureau agenda, not to let the debate go further.

It is even worst, when the American viewers, are being deprived of how the undocumented immigrants think, after "getting the fiasco message", about how they are, "good to be counted for up to $3,000 thousand dollars in federal funding per person, but Not Good To Be Legalized".

Spanish Media, due benefit of the millions of dollars that the Latino community represents and its consumerism power. It is very disappointing that, so called "tu canal Latino para toda la familia" are the same ones at this very much needed time and effort, to let all Latinos down, as "Judas Iscariote did for the richness of 30 coins of pure silver".

But for now, a Census Boycott is our main focus, with lots of prayers and faith that somewhere inside the hearts of all members of Congress they will find the strength, to do what is right, just and moral.

Latino Evangelical Pastors are looking forward and very much like to have the opportunity to spread the "good news" by next March 2010, to all our congregations.
"Everybody can make yourselves available to open the doors of your homes to "those federal operatives (strangers) and let yourselves be counted".

But to spread that message, the Spanish Media outlets need not,to loose the trust of their Latino viewers;

And most importantly, Congress Needs To Work On A True Comprehensive Immigration Reform Initiative, NOW!

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