July 09, 2009

Latino Evangelical Pastors Oppose Permanent Mandatory E-Verfy Program

Washington, DC - The National Coalition Of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders, the largest Latino evangelical pastor's advocacy organization in the Country, "vehemently opposes the Senator Jeff Sessions (Republican from Alabama) Amendment #1371, that calls for Mandatory and Permanent E-Verify compliance for Federal Contractors.

"This Amendment has one and only one intention and that is to derail momentum in Congress for true Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

Workers, Businesses and the Economy will be hurt seriously if Senator Session's amendment is included on the Homeland Security Appropriations Act (HR:2892) which is to be consider and voted on by the Senate," said the Rev. Miguel Rivera, CONLAMIC Chairman.

CONLAMIC Latino Evangelical National Church Leaders are concerned that, the Sessions Amendment will make the Homeland Security appropriations process a referendum on immigration reform.

"This move by Senator Sessions, seek to undermine comprehensive immigration reform efforts in Congress. The E-Verify program is confirmed to be flawed and making it permanent further accelerates what we call DESKTOP RAIDS, which are forcing employers to terminate thousands of honest hard working employees around the Country," said Rev. Rivera.

"We are alerting our National Board Members to call from every state (CONLAMIC represents over 20,000 Latino evangelical churches in 34 States) addressing this issue with each Senator and Member of Congress urging them to vote NO on such initiative," concluded Rev. Rivera.

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