June 28, 2009

National Union Leader Nativo Lopez Endorse A Census Boycott For Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Washington, DC - The National Coalition Of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC) has been informed that Nativo Lopez, President of the International General Brotherhood Laborers Union and MAPA (a Pro Immigration Reform Advocacy Organization) and its Board of Directors are duly supporting a boycott to the 2010 Census until members of CONGRESS pass comprehensive immigration reform.

"All 250 leaders with a unanimous consent, voted to support this effort and a campaign to ask all our members to boycott is on its way," says Nativo Lopez a powerful union leader and activist from California.

CONLAMIC Board of Directors are thrill with such support, which comes in the eve of NALEO Convention in California, which will help to counteract their targeted propaganda campaign, against all Latino evangelical pastors who are calling their church members to boycott the 2010 census (a civil disobedience action of non-participation) until comprehensive immigration reform is passed.

"Nativo Lopez is a highly respected advocate with a proven tract record of support for all migrant workers, undocumented immigrants and their right to form labor unions for protecting workers welfare and dignity," said Rev. Miguel Rivera.

Such an endorsement is without any doubt sending a strong and firm message to members of CONGRESS and California Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger. History is on the make again with such a powerful combination of Church and Labor Unions.

Having an accurate count and expecting needed federal funds for the State, is in there will and only they can make it happen now more than ever.

PASS COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION REFORM, Stop Institutionalized Slavery with the undocumented immigrants and we will call the boycott off", says the Reverend Miguel Rivera, CONLAMIC Chairman.

The Reverend Rivera, will travel next week to Los Angeles CA, to meet Nativo Lopez and coordinate efforts for a new phase on Census 2010 Boycott, asking ALL LATINOS TO BOYCOTT, in a gesture of solidarity and as a reminder to President Barack Obama's promise of having Comprehensive Immigration Reform "a must and will be done in my first year as President", commitment with the Latino vote.

"We urge all Latino advocates and other religious leaders to unite with us and make our politicians accountable. Thousands of undocumented immigrants are counting on us to hold Governor's, Mayor's and Members of CONGRESS feet to the fire, until a true and just comprehensive immigration reform is accomplished", concluded the Reverend Rivera.

"Antes De Contar, Nos Tienen Que Legalizar," CONLAMIC.

"No Me Cuentes, Hasta Poder Contar Contigo," MAPA.

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