June 28, 2009

CONLAMIC Prayer On White House & Congress Comprehensive Immigration Reform Initiatives

Washington, DC- On Thursday June 25th, CONLAMIC Board Of Directors held a "prayer conference call" asking God's wisdom and guidance on behalf of President Barack Obama and members of Congress, that will convene at the White House to initiate talks and start drafting legislation for comprehensive immigration reform.

Over 300 Presidents of City-Wide Pastors Associations in 34 States will be participants, with the understanding that "prayer moves mountains", says the Rev. Miguel Rivera, CONLAMIC Chairman, CEO.

"We understand that this issue is a very sensitive one that arouses all types of sentiments and polarizing opinions around the nation.

In the meantime, there is no political will nor financial reasoning in Congress to deport millions of hard working, family oriented undocumented immigrants.

"This brings us to the only conclusion morally and acceptable available which is comprehensive immigration reform," said Rev. Rivera.

"Our Pastors are constantly dealing with the pain and suffering that hundreds of spouses and children are experiencing, due to the sense of anxiety and frustration that is developed by those affected by the arrests, incarceration and deportation of a love one", says the Reverend Dr. David Guel, a Baptist Executive from the Texas Hispanic Baptist Conference and CONLAMIC-USA President.

"Racial profiling and all kind of discrimination is being targeted against all Latinos in the State of Georgia, where constant roadblocks and aggressive anti-immigrant policies are being enforced, as per Governor's Purdue policies," said Rev. Antonio Mansogo, Atlanta Hispanic Evangelical Pastors Association and CONLAMIC Executive Vice-President.

CONLAMIC urges members of Congress not to take lightly the enormous responsibility that lies ahead of them regarding this issue. Is not a time to look at the polls, but to move forward doing what is right and expected from them as elected officials.

Passing comprehensive immigration reform is what over 67% of Americans want and to bring closure to such a shameful chapter of modern American history only known before when slavery was practiced in this Country.

"We commend President Obama for sticking to his word and risking political capital on such a profound and important issue for us. Our prayers will support his efforts, with an understanding that members of our churches are already committed to not participate on our next census efforts, unless they are on a path to legalization and free from being treated as criminals, or their families being torn apart," concluded Rev. Rivera.

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