June 17, 2009

CONLAMIC Board of Directors Call For Unity Among Latino Evangelicals

Washington, DC - CONLAMIC (The National Coalition Of Latino Clergy & Christian Leaders) is calling for all Latino evangelicals to unite and not let ourselves become pawns of special or political interests, that are battling against justice for our Latino community," according to a letter sent by the Rev. Miguel Rivera, Chairman of the Board of Directors, today.

The message sent to all CONLAMIC Board Members around the Country states that; "We need to be very careful with how much influence, outsiders and special interests are applying against the main values of our ethical conduct, seeking to make their case against comprehensive immigration reform, providing an opportunity against such an important mission, with the old tactic of divide and conquer.

As members of the Clergy, our main task is to be committed prophets of social justice and be forceful preachers of what is moral and right, in the best interests of the members of our churches and making politicians accountable to their constituencies," said the Rev. Rivera.

CONLAMIC, representing over 20,000 Hispanic christian churches and faith based ministries in 34 States, is the main sponsor of a boycott against the Census 2010 unless members of Congress pass comprehensive immigration reform.

"Members of Congress, Governors, Mayors and local politicians are being left with the task of making comprehensive immigration reform happen, before March 31, 2010. Not having this done, means less federal funding for their States and possible redistricting and a loss of seats at the House of Representatives.

We cannot continue looking the other way, while over 12 million undocumented immigrants are being exploited, which is de facto institutionalized slavery.

It is our message that, all Latino evangelicals unite in a show of support for all undocumented immigrants and their families, as a strong advocacy force, using the Census boycott as the only confirmed strategy that will bring comprehensive immigration reform to become a reality," concluded the Rev. Rivera.

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