February 27, 2009

Latino Evangelicals Send a Clear Message to Washington in the Midst of Raids by ICE and Lack of Immigration Solution

ATLANTA, GA – As preparation was underway this week for what is expected to be one of the more sizable events held by Congressman Luis Gutierrez and Familias Unidas in Atlanta, GA, the leadership of the National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC), were astonished by the total omission of any reference regarding the issue of immigration reform by President Barak in this week’s state of the union speech. To boot – ICE held its first major workplace raid in Washington State since the new administration took office.

“Our leaders have had such hope in President Obama, having turned out in great numbers to vote in the elections for a leader who has promised to seek a compassionate solution. We we’re concerned that his speech that clearly outlined a broad agenda with many clear goals had nothing for the hard-working undocumented families who have been a loyal and key part of America’s economic backbone,” said Reverend Miguel Rivera.

The Latino immigrant community, not only the undocumented but extended close families that include naturalized citizens and American born children youth and children have suffered deeply at the hands of the broken immigration system that President Obama, just last week in a Spanish language radio interview, promised to fix.

“Latino pastors in Atlanta, Providence and throughout the nation are standing strong and are committed to fighting for the millions who are suffering. We’re not going to wait in hopes that comprehensive immigration reform suddenly happens – we know it will take time to find the right solution but in the meantime, Napolitano must stop the raids rather than allowing ICE continue its business as it has these past several years,” said Reverend Antonio Mansogo, Georgia based Vice President of CONLAMIC.

CONLAMIC in collaboration with Congressman Gutierrez and his Familias Unidas coalition expect thousands of families to gather Saturday, February 28th at Templo Tabernaculo in Atlanta, Georgia at 12pm. They are expecting families to make the trip from 14 cities throughout the state. In Georgia, the implementation of the 287-G plan and passing of the law 526 has criminalized undocumented workers in Georgia and has wiped out communities.

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