February 23, 2009

Latino Evangelical Leaders Demand A Stop to Raids and Deportations

WASHINGTON D.C.- CONLAMIC Leaders once again provide a venue for members of Congress to hear the real voices of church members regarding the need for a comprehensive solution to immigration reform.

Thousands of church members have been deported and entire families are being displaced, resulting in financial and emotional misery due to the "enforcement only" strategy that the only government response to the undocumented immigration issue.

In a joint effort with Congressman Luis Gutierrez from Illinois, two "Familias Unidas" events will be held this week. A tour of another 14 cities will follow during the months of March and April.
These events are scheduled for February the 27th. in Providence Rhode Island at the Trinity United Methodist Church (375 Broad Street) and on Saturday the 28th. at the Tabernaculo de Atlanta Church (6394 Buford Highway, Norcross) in Atlanta, Georgia.

Hispanic Evangelical Pastors and their Church members will welcome Congressman Gutierrez to advocate on behalf of thousands of undocumented immigrants and family members.
These events will give an opportunity to American citizens, members of Hispanic Christian and Evangelical churches the opportunity to testify and speak about their frustrations and the agony of having their families torn apart due to the incarceration and deportation of their love ones.
Children, wives, husbands, and other family members will offer their version of real events that have happened when the doors of their homes are suddenly pounded at 5:00am by immigration authorities. They will provide testimony to what happens to decent, hard working families in the community as a result of the rage and lack of professional discretion displayed by many so called "immigration law enforcement agents" who are actually local police officers that have been duly empowered under the 287-G program.

Hundreds of local communities are harassed by road blocks, racial profiling and flagrant violations of human and civil rights due to the severe discriminatory environment that has developed as constant animosity toward Latinos.

In the midst of a serious economic crisis facing our nation there is no benefit at all to have billions of dollars of taxpayer money spent on law enforcement efforts designated only to target undocumented, hard working, strong family values immigrants that have no criminal record are not a threat to our country.

CONLAMIC supports an immediate "Legalization and Registration Plan" that will bring undocumented immigrants out of the shadows pay a fine and comply with rigorous guidelines in order for them to be considered eligible for permanent residency status in the United States.

Labor unions will benefit almost immediately with dues paid by thousands of new laborers and payroll tax revenues will increase dramatically. New small business and job creation will be developed.

Most important; Children will no longer become victims of separation from their parents or worst; Children American citizens will not be forced to live in a strange Country, exiled by force from their own.

The National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC) the largest Hispanic pastor's advocacy organization in the Country, sent a letter to President Barack Obama on November 6, 2008 asking for his leadership during his first 100 days in Office, providing legislation to move forward in Congress on behalf of Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

We commend Congressman Gutierrez and those Members of Congress who are willing to address this matter, with a integrity and moral responsibility.

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