January 12, 2009

Hispanic Ministers Urge GOP to Rethink Views about Immigrants

Washington, DC - Today, President George Bush called for his party to be "open-minded" in their views on immigration reform. The Republican Party has been seen as anti-immigrant and narrow-focused on the issue. Leaders of the National Coalition of Latino Clergy & Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC) agree that the GOP must consider a more compassionate and decent view of immigrants in our nation and take effective action in 2009 towards a comprehensive solution to immigration reform policy.

"We applaud President Bush for encouraging his party to seek a broader view on immigration reform and warning against the Party's negative message seen as anti-immigrant while debating the issue," said Rev. Miguel Rivera, President of CONLAMIC.

"Latinos are people of faith and have values that are consistent with the Republican Party, however, these recent years, we differ greatly in our views of immigrants, including undocumented immigrants and frankly, common sense towards immigration policy," said Rev. Rivera.

CONLAMIC Latino Evangelical Pastors are committed advocates for social conservative issues that are currently in jeopardy, including traditional marriage, abortion and conservative nominees to the Supreme Court during a Democrat controlled era of our American government.

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