January 20, 2009

CONLAMIC Joins Latino Leaders in Demanding Cease to Deportations and Raids

Washington, DC: The National Coalition of Latino Clergy & Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC) will support the efforts of Washington-based Latino faith and nonprofit leaders in demanding a cease to the raids and deportation resulting from the 287-G program executed by ICE. Leaders will gather at 11:00am on Wednesday, January 21st at Banneker Park, at 10th and G Streets Southwest in Washington, DC. Leaders will move in procession to the offices of ICE at 500 12th St., SW at the intersection of 12th and D streets.

"Our churches have seen families torn apart, undocumented immigrants treated inhumanely, and documented immigrants - even citizens become victims of racial profiling. ICE must put an end to the raids and deportations until Congress brings a comprehensive solution to America's dismal immigration system," said Rev. Rivera.

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