December 07, 2008

Latino Pastors work with Cong. Luis Gutierrez to Revive Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Chicago, IL- The National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC) the largest advocacy Latino evangelical pastors organization in the Country, signed yesterday a letter addressed to President-Elect Barack Obama regarding the urgent need for Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Stop the Raids and Deportations, an initiative sponsored by Congressman Luis Gutierrez.

Reverend Wilfredo DeJesus a well known Chicago Pastor, called and organized hundreds of Latino evangelical church members, who gathered at the Iglesia El Rebano, to hear testimony from family members that are torn apart, victims of a broken immigration system that punishes family values, separating marriages and creating immediate orphans, out of American citizen born children from undocumented parents.

"CONLAMIC has developed years of experience with Congressman Gutierrez on the issue of Comprehensive ImmigrationReform, since 2001. Today we renew our commitment to help organize church members forums and prayer rallies around the Country, calling President Elect Barack Obama and Members of Congress to give the highest level of priority to such legislative effort" affirms the Reverend Miguel Rivera, Chairman of the National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC) based in Washington DC.

Present were the Reverend Walter Coleman, Elvira Arellano's Pastor from Adalberto United Methodist Church, the Reverend Efrain Navas, Bishop of the Church of God in Chicago and the Reverend Freddy Santiago, Pastor of the Fellowship Flock Church (Rebano).

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