December 02, 2008

Latino Evangelical Leaders of Suffolk County See Increase in Hate Crimes

National Coalition of Latino Clergy & Christian Leaders of New York

Contact: Rev. Fernando Rodriguez
(718) 607-6607

Patchogue NY- The National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders (New York Chapter) is calling for every Latino (undocumented or legal resident) to come forward if they have experienced any form of racial harassment or discriminatory actions against them and report it directly to local authorities and the Federal Bureau of Investigations for further investigation.

The Latino Evangelical Pastors who residents of the Suffolk County, have seen and increase of hate crimes and racial tensions as a result of vigilante actions and gang or hate related crimes.

For many ministers and members of the Hispanic Church, these incidents are directly related to the political opportunism and strong polarizing language used by local politicians in their pursuit of political advancement.

The lack of legislative action by members of Congress in Washington DC have left local governments in a position to try to resolve this complex issue themselves, and these actions have often resulted in greater frustration and animosity that arouses during the advocacy process.

Church leaders are educating members about how to document and file formal complaints with authorities with regards to harrassment and hate crimes in efforts to curve this behavior against Suffolk County residents. Members who step forward with complaints will be fully supported by CONLAMIC leaders.

CONLAMIC-New York Latino Evangelical Pastors have increased efforts to advocate on behalf of racial tolerance and a greater understanding among neighbors. We ask that prudence and respect for human rights be observed as we celebrate this Holiday Season.

CONLAMIC New York Executive Committee
Rev. Miguel Rivera
Rev. Kittim Silva
Rev. Fernando Rodriguez
Rev. Andy Torres
Rev. Miguel Amadis
Rev. Domingo Vazquez
Rev. Jose L. Rodriguez

National Coalition of Latino Clergy& Christian Leaders
(CONLAMIC)Washington, D.C.
(202) 615-7444

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