December 17, 2008

CONLAMIC Praises Selection of Arne Duncan as Education Secretary

WASHINGTON, DC- the National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders praises President-Elect Barack Obama's selection of the reform-minded nominee Arne Duncan for Secretary of Education.

"President-Elect Obama, true to his reform-minded approach, has made a wise choice in Duncan, an education leader who’s demonstrated that he’s not afraid of tough decisions when it comes to the best interest of children. We’re very pleased that he seeks innovation and improvement by supporting educational options such as charter schools,” said Rev. Miguel Rivera, Chairman of the National Coalition of Latino Clergy & Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC).

CONLAMIC has been a strong advocate of the No Child Left Behind Act as the law brings accountability, transparency and options for parents to make choices regarding their child’s education. Latino ministers from cities throughout the nation see a great need for school reform, particularly in urban low-income districts, where minority kids are most affected.

“Duncan’s support for NCLB, in addition to his track record as head of the Chicago Public Schools brings us hope for the future of America’s children and our education system,” said Dr. John Muniz, CONLAMIC Education Policy Director.

In 2008, CONLAMIC has called its membership of over 16,000 Latino Evangelical affiliated churches to embrace its Education Ministry Initiative, an effort that will establish over 100 Charter and Private Christian Schools to serve the low income minority students in the barrios or Latino neighborhoods where many Latino Christian and Pentecostal Churches are located.

"Arne Duncan has called for increased parental involvement and the development and empowerment of great teachers; this is core to our Education Reform Policy agenda,” said the Rev. Rivera.

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