October 16, 2008

Senator McCain's Character and Straight Talk Energize Us (his supporters) AGAIN!

By Reverend Miguel Rivera

Last night's debate was a clear picture of the Senator John McCain, we know.

His commitment to "COUNTRY FIRST", goes beyond a political sound bite due to the fact that, Senator McCain has always been a "straight talk leader and unapologetic for such demand of integrity at the political arena".

While Senator Barack Obama's "cool demeanor", helped him to disguise the strong straight talk punches delivered by Senator McCain, viewers like me of last night's Presidential Debate, understood that, at this perilous times that our Country faces, a proven strong, honest and "let's get things done the right way Leader", is what America needs.

Preachers are trained to excel with profound articulate words, even spiritual and dogmatic rhetoric oratory skills, in order to communicate Faith and inspire love for a devoted christian life.
True and honest politicians are expected to deliver, short, savvy, prudent, easy to understand thoughts, even in the absence of rhetorical eloquence, where honesty, strong leadership, character, proven political tract record, and experience, make converts of grateful constituents.

Senator John McCain's confident, honest (even if it hurts) message and ethic's oriented political experience, energized us all and brought an act of conversion of even those seating at the pews of the independent conservative section.

We feel a revival Again!

Reverend Miguel Rivera is Chairman of the National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC) and a Senator John McCain's supporter.

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