October 03, 2008

Latino Religious Leaders calls for the Hispanic Community to "boycot" the Oklahoma State Fair events!

WASHINGTON, DC- The National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC) and the Hispanic Evangelical Pastor's Alliance of Oklahoma State, is calling the Latino community "not to support the
Oklahoma State Fair events".

"It is obvious that, after John Sullivan's announcement, regarding the opening of a Regional Immigration Office in the State of Oklahoma, the levels of racial intolerance among the community and the permissible racial profiling actions by the Tulsa County Sheriff Department, were sadly expected and that moves us, to call our Church members and the Hispanic Community, not to participate at the State Fair events, which is in their best interests and safety", says the Rev. Julian Rodriguez, President of the Oklahoma State Hispanic Evangelical Pastor's Alliance.

"Racial Profiling has been the order of the day, since the anti- Latino immigrant actions, started in May 2007, moving thousands of our Latino families to leave Oklahoma, as per roadblocks, check points, home raids, and all sort of policing intimidation, was duly practiced by the Tulsa County Sheriff Department, in order to promote a momentum on behalf of the HB-1804 legislation. The same is being done now, as per Congressman Sullivan needs to convince the Oklahoma residents and the Federal Government that, there was an imminent need to have this ICE Regional Office in our area, says the Rev. Dr. Victor Orta, CONLAMIC Oklahoma State Coordinator and main local advocate against such legislation.

"They should feel ashamed for themselves, due to the fact that, while celebrating such a historic SOONERS event, Sheriff James Glantz is using the opportunity to continue the persecution and intimidation of honest, hard working people, who are trying their best to learn English, assimilate themselves to our American Culture, victims of a broken immigration system, who are wrongful confronted with such immoral and human rights violations, due to the color of their skin or language accent, and all happening while trying to have a family good time among themselves", says also the Rev. Jose Alfonso CONLAMIC Regional Vice-President.

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