October 26, 2008

Latino Evangelical Pastors supports the Urban Enterprise Zone Jobs Scholarship Act

National Coalition of Latino Clergy
& Christian Leaders - New Jersey


For Immediate Attention
Contact: Rev. Miguel Rivera
(201) 637-9905

East Brunswick NJ- The New Jersey Latino Evangelical Clergy Conference (CONLAMIC-NJ) representing over 600 christian hispanic churches in New Jersey, met yesterday to review and provide support to the Urban Enterprise Zone Jobs Scholarship Act, a legislative initiative in New Jersey that will provide corporate tax credit and fund scholarships for low-income students in eight school districts.

"Nationwide, Latino Evangelical Pastors are School Choice and Education Reform supporters, based on a simple and fundamental principle; Parental Empowerment. It is time that here in New Jersey, parents can have a choice to where they want their children to be educated and the choice to an outstanding performance school for their children. We were successful in Florida and will be successful again here in my home State", says the Reverend Miguel Rivera, Chairman of the New Jersey Latino Evangelical Clergy Conference and President of the National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC), a Pastor's advocacy umbrella organization, from Washington DC.

Over 50 Clergy Leaders, from all over the State, met yesterday at the Days Hotel in East Brunswick, with members of the New Jersey Latino Leadership Alliance (LLANJ) and its President, Martin Perez, who provided in depth information about the bill and helped the pastors to organize and advocacy strategy, which will be moving ahead on behalf of the legislation, in the next few weeks.

"Our job now is to inform Pastors all over New Jersey thru our Pastors Associations on almost every County and empower them with the necessary tools, to help them empower members of their churches and the latino community, to call the Senators and Assembly representatives, and put pressure on them to support this bill", says the Rev. Manuel Jordan, President of the Latino Clergy Council in Camden NJ, one of the most affected communities due to falling schools and high dropout numbers.

"Our children deserves better and the Latino Evangelical Church in New Jersey is ready to step-up to the plate and provide a new choice for a better educational environment; Private Schools that will teach Character, Moral Values and most important Reading, Math and Science, a needed help for our students to prepare themselves and make them ready to compete within a more complicated economy and jobs availability", says the Rev. Zunilda Ramos, President of the Christian Academy, the only private christian school in Union City, serving over 60 children from K-12.

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