October 17, 2008

CONLAMIC Responds to the Hispanic National Association of Evangelicals Poll

"A new Hispanic Clergy Elite shows political opportunism"

WASHINGTON. DC- Yesterday, this new elite hispanic clergy organization, that before were supporters of Mike Huckabee during the Republican primaries, are know saying that the "hispanic evangelical protestants, born again christians", are supporting Senator Barack Obama.

After reviewing such statement, it is our opinion that, this poll is merely showing the political postures of those more moderate/liberal hispanic evangelicals, that are members of evangelical denominations affiliated with NAE and the "hispanic elite version of the national association of evangelicals, where Samuel Rodriguez and Marc Gonzalez evolved as their leaders.

Moderate hispanic evangelicals, tend to lean more to the Rev. Jim Wallis platform, which is more consistent with ultra liberal ideas, and are now saying that, comprehensive immigration reform is more important and has more "faith moral value" than social conservative issues such as abortion and gay marriage.

Interesting to disclose is that, Rev. Samuel Rodriguez and Pastor Marc Gonzalez, have never been supporters of immediate solutions to the undocumented immigrant community, such as;
"Sanctuary, Legal Defense against Anti-Immigrant Laws or Lobbying for a Moratorium on Deportations and Raids".

It seems that, this effort is for the purpose of taking advantage of the NEA financial support to position this new "elite religious" organization, for political power opportunism only.

Even more confusing is that, months ago, Rev. Rodriguez and Pastor Gonzalez were parading and supporting Mike Huckabee, who had an anti-comprehensive immigration reform platform, while running for President and now, they are using this "smoke-screen poll" to positioned themselves as "moderates" on the immigration issue.

About the Poll, there are also concerns, on how the questions were framed, suggestions argued during the process and type of questions asked.

Without any doubt, the anti-immigrant sentiment that arouses from republican local leaders such as Lou Barletta (Hazleton PA) and Randy Terril (Tulsa OK) has hurt the feelings of thousands of true conservative latino evangelicals on such issue.

Our (non-scientific) polls indicate further that, the main reason for them to support Senator John McCain, is because of McCain's high integrity character, strong leadership, commitment on CIR and the need to nominate, true Conservative candidates, to the Supreme Court.

This confirms that, issues and concerns of the non-denominational and true conservative Latino Evangelical Church is still very high on such social conservative issues and still a priority among our latino evangelicals (pentecostals and non-denominational charismatic churches) which are not represented on this poll or by the Hispanic NAE version.

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