October 26, 2008

Latino Evangelical Pastors supports the Urban Enterprise Zone Jobs Scholarship Act

National Coalition of Latino Clergy
& Christian Leaders - New Jersey


For Immediate Attention
Contact: Rev. Miguel Rivera
(201) 637-9905

East Brunswick NJ- The New Jersey Latino Evangelical Clergy Conference (CONLAMIC-NJ) representing over 600 christian hispanic churches in New Jersey, met yesterday to review and provide support to the Urban Enterprise Zone Jobs Scholarship Act, a legislative initiative in New Jersey that will provide corporate tax credit and fund scholarships for low-income students in eight school districts.

"Nationwide, Latino Evangelical Pastors are School Choice and Education Reform supporters, based on a simple and fundamental principle; Parental Empowerment. It is time that here in New Jersey, parents can have a choice to where they want their children to be educated and the choice to an outstanding performance school for their children. We were successful in Florida and will be successful again here in my home State", says the Reverend Miguel Rivera, Chairman of the New Jersey Latino Evangelical Clergy Conference and President of the National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC), a Pastor's advocacy umbrella organization, from Washington DC.

Over 50 Clergy Leaders, from all over the State, met yesterday at the Days Hotel in East Brunswick, with members of the New Jersey Latino Leadership Alliance (LLANJ) and its President, Martin Perez, who provided in depth information about the bill and helped the pastors to organize and advocacy strategy, which will be moving ahead on behalf of the legislation, in the next few weeks.

"Our job now is to inform Pastors all over New Jersey thru our Pastors Associations on almost every County and empower them with the necessary tools, to help them empower members of their churches and the latino community, to call the Senators and Assembly representatives, and put pressure on them to support this bill", says the Rev. Manuel Jordan, President of the Latino Clergy Council in Camden NJ, one of the most affected communities due to falling schools and high dropout numbers.

"Our children deserves better and the Latino Evangelical Church in New Jersey is ready to step-up to the plate and provide a new choice for a better educational environment; Private Schools that will teach Character, Moral Values and most important Reading, Math and Science, a needed help for our students to prepare themselves and make them ready to compete within a more complicated economy and jobs availability", says the Rev. Zunilda Ramos, President of the Christian Academy, the only private christian school in Union City, serving over 60 children from K-12.

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October 23, 2008

Latino Evangelical Churches suffer, due to incarceration and deportation of undocumented immigrant church members, while our anglo and black evangelical leaders are NUM!

By the Reverend Miguel Rivera

Almost every day, after my early morning prayers and daily radio live show, the phone rings with more news of what's happening around the Country, regarding the suffering that Latino Evangelical Churches and their Pastors are encountering; "The arrest and deportation orders, given to another member of the Body of Christ".

Latino Evangelical congregations are at the forefront of the sadness and even sentiments of anger and desperation, that are developing among Latino families and many American communities, while more neighborhoods, entire families and local congregations are broken apart, due to the "enforcement only approach", implemented as, "best and only response to the immigration concerns of our Country".

The inconvenient truth is that, during the last 20 years in our Country, a revival has been happening, where among the 12 million undocumented immigrants, up to 20% have become "born again Christians" and Faith members in good standing with the Pentecostal and Evangelical Latino Church, energizing the Christian ministry in the Nation.

The impact of such "revival" has been registered mostly at, Latino Independent Non-Denominational Christian, Charismatic Evangelicals or Pentecostal, churches..

Even traditional evangelical denominations, have seen their numbers grow, thanks to such revival, happening among "Latino undocumented immigrants".

"Born-again" christian evangelical undocumented immigrants are truly willing to do the right thing and comply with the Law. But a BROKEN IMMIGRATION SYSTEM and "obsolete legal approach", makes such desire, impossible to accomplish.

That's why, all the joy and fellowship, was dramatically and abruptly interrupted, after Members of CONGRESS, failed to respond to President George W. Bush's initiative for a Temporary Worker Visas and a Guest Worker Program, which later developed as a Comprehensive Immigration Reform legislative effort, miserably derailed, due to the political opportunism, racial intolerance and lack of leadership from both Democratic and Republican political organizations.

Even as of today, in the middle of a heated political debate before the General Elections, the "immigration issue", has been considerably set aside, seen as a "high volatile subject", not worthy of some local politician (incumbent or newcomer) or even Presidential Candidate, to risk his or her political future.

The most disturbing side of this "moral scenario" is that, many "conservative" Protestant and Evangelical denominations, are divided on the issue. Others not even moved for a compassionate approach to seek support for a legislative solution, hiding all of them, behind an unfounded argument; "the concerns of losing the Anglo tradition culture in our Nation".

In other words, for many of these "evangelical denominational institutions", their theological approach on immigration is only suitable and feasible, when the Anglo-culture, will win from the influx of more immigrants, mostly high skilled, Caucasian, European descent.

Besides, history has teach us that any ultra supremacy or elitist platform is, without any doubt, NOT-AMERICAN and the fundamental values to support such approach, are duly IMMORAL!

For many years, in order to hide such a controversy and moral dilemma, many evangelical denominations established, "an independent ethnic solution", forcing the creation of ethnic- oriented Mission Boards, Church's Districts, etc., avoiding to confront the truth of the racial intolerance sentiments among their respective fellowships and instead of seeking a true Biblical and Apostolic solution to such profound and sensitive conflict.

Black-American Churches, opted to organized among themselves due to the "closed doors approach" of such "Christianity today" evangelical ecclesiastical institutions and lately, Latino and Asian ethnic American Christians, are being forced for years, to do the same.

In the political arena, lack of political participation and representation, makes matters worst for the Latino, Asian and other ethnic communities.

The political deficit worsens, due to an opportunistic "limbo", that is being used by partisan special interests where Latinos are labeled, either "sold Republicans or potential Democrats", making harder for a comprehensive immigration legislation, to avoid political special interests and the unfavorable game partisan politics.

While we have devoted our time to help "our gente" to learn the English language and assimilation of the American culture, the anti-immigrant forces of "evil", and supremacy influence with many resources at their disposal, makes even more difficult to accomplish our goals of a "United Faith among All American Evangelicals", without ethnic oriented barriers, as per the JESUS GOSPEL TO THE NATIONS AND THE TRUTH OF THE BIBLICAL TENETS OF THE BODY OF CHRIST.

At this time, there is only one true and efficient approach to solve this problem and bring back AMERICA, Our Beloved Nation, to the right path of immigration inclusive and continue the path of spiritual, social and economic prosperity, that we have endured since our years of Independence.

Protestants, Evangelicals, Christian, Pentecostals, Anglo, Blacks, Latino, Native American Asian "born again Christians"; All Praying and Working together to heal ourselves and become true Freedom and Liberty Advocates on behalf of Social Justice.

Calling Members of CONGRESS who many of them are members in good standing at many of our congregations and Up for Re-Election.

Preach them; "DO THE RIGHT AND MORAL THING, THE CHRISTIAN MOVE, THE AMERICAN WAY", bring an honest, decent, family oriented, economic prudent closure to this issue. Let's bring these hard working, family values oriented undocumented people out of the shadows with a prudent, legal and political honest comprehensive immigration solution approach.

This will help keep my phone, quite for a change!

The Reverend Miguel Rivera is Chairman of the National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC).

October 17, 2008

CONLAMIC Responds to the Hispanic National Association of Evangelicals Poll

"A new Hispanic Clergy Elite shows political opportunism"

WASHINGTON. DC- Yesterday, this new elite hispanic clergy organization, that before were supporters of Mike Huckabee during the Republican primaries, are know saying that the "hispanic evangelical protestants, born again christians", are supporting Senator Barack Obama.

After reviewing such statement, it is our opinion that, this poll is merely showing the political postures of those more moderate/liberal hispanic evangelicals, that are members of evangelical denominations affiliated with NAE and the "hispanic elite version of the national association of evangelicals, where Samuel Rodriguez and Marc Gonzalez evolved as their leaders.

Moderate hispanic evangelicals, tend to lean more to the Rev. Jim Wallis platform, which is more consistent with ultra liberal ideas, and are now saying that, comprehensive immigration reform is more important and has more "faith moral value" than social conservative issues such as abortion and gay marriage.

Interesting to disclose is that, Rev. Samuel Rodriguez and Pastor Marc Gonzalez, have never been supporters of immediate solutions to the undocumented immigrant community, such as;
"Sanctuary, Legal Defense against Anti-Immigrant Laws or Lobbying for a Moratorium on Deportations and Raids".

It seems that, this effort is for the purpose of taking advantage of the NEA financial support to position this new "elite religious" organization, for political power opportunism only.

Even more confusing is that, months ago, Rev. Rodriguez and Pastor Gonzalez were parading and supporting Mike Huckabee, who had an anti-comprehensive immigration reform platform, while running for President and now, they are using this "smoke-screen poll" to positioned themselves as "moderates" on the immigration issue.

About the Poll, there are also concerns, on how the questions were framed, suggestions argued during the process and type of questions asked.

Without any doubt, the anti-immigrant sentiment that arouses from republican local leaders such as Lou Barletta (Hazleton PA) and Randy Terril (Tulsa OK) has hurt the feelings of thousands of true conservative latino evangelicals on such issue.

Our (non-scientific) polls indicate further that, the main reason for them to support Senator John McCain, is because of McCain's high integrity character, strong leadership, commitment on CIR and the need to nominate, true Conservative candidates, to the Supreme Court.

This confirms that, issues and concerns of the non-denominational and true conservative Latino Evangelical Church is still very high on such social conservative issues and still a priority among our latino evangelicals (pentecostals and non-denominational charismatic churches) which are not represented on this poll or by the Hispanic NAE version.

October 16, 2008

Senator McCain's Character and Straight Talk Energize Us (his supporters) AGAIN!

By Reverend Miguel Rivera

Last night's debate was a clear picture of the Senator John McCain, we know.

His commitment to "COUNTRY FIRST", goes beyond a political sound bite due to the fact that, Senator McCain has always been a "straight talk leader and unapologetic for such demand of integrity at the political arena".

While Senator Barack Obama's "cool demeanor", helped him to disguise the strong straight talk punches delivered by Senator McCain, viewers like me of last night's Presidential Debate, understood that, at this perilous times that our Country faces, a proven strong, honest and "let's get things done the right way Leader", is what America needs.

Preachers are trained to excel with profound articulate words, even spiritual and dogmatic rhetoric oratory skills, in order to communicate Faith and inspire love for a devoted christian life.
True and honest politicians are expected to deliver, short, savvy, prudent, easy to understand thoughts, even in the absence of rhetorical eloquence, where honesty, strong leadership, character, proven political tract record, and experience, make converts of grateful constituents.

Senator John McCain's confident, honest (even if it hurts) message and ethic's oriented political experience, energized us all and brought an act of conversion of even those seating at the pews of the independent conservative section.

We feel a revival Again!

Reverend Miguel Rivera is Chairman of the National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC) and a Senator John McCain's supporter.

October 15, 2008

Latino Evangelical Bishop from New York, endorses Barack Obama

NEW YORK, NY- A most influential Latino Pentecostal Bishop in the United States and Co-Founder of the National Coalition of Latino Clergy & Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC) , the largest Latino evangelical pastor's advocacy organization in the Country, has decided to endorse Senator Barack Obama, for President of the United States.

"At this time, it is my humble duty to speak on behalf of thousands of Latino evangelicals that are praying for a Change in America and support Senator Barack Obama, for President of the United States", says the Rev. Dr. Kittim Silva, Vice-Chairman of the CONLAMIC Board of Directors and President of one of the most prominent and largest Pentecostal Council of Churches in America.

Bishop Rev. Silva is also an internationally renowned Latino christian writer and Senior Pastor of the Iglesia Pentecostal de Jesucristo, Queens NY.

In a joint effort with The Rev. Miguel Rivera, CONLAMIC Chairman of the Board of Directors and Founder, Rev. Silva helped to bring the voice of the Latino evangelical pastors to the public policy arena and establish an entity that will become a political force on behalf of Latino community in America.

At the CONLAMIC National Clergy Leadership Conference in Washington DC, a majority of State Delegates (53%) decided to throw their support on behalf of Senator John McCain and a 47% came in support of Senator Obama.

"Senator Barack Obama, maybe is more liberal in his political thoughts, but his family values, married with the same woman, a father of two precious daughters duly baptized in the Christian faith, and his willingness to open the doors for a strong dialogue, seeking consensus on all important and relevant issues for all Americans, is sufficient for me to Pray and Vote for him for President of the Unites States", affirms the Bishop Dr. Silva.

October 13, 2008

Panel Critical of Rhode Island's Immigration Efforts

By Steve Peoples

The Providence Journal / Kathy Borchers

PROVIDENCE ––Governor Carcieri was not among the hundreds of Dominicans, Hispanic leaders and national immigration experts gathered downtown for the Dominican American National Roundtable’s annual conference this weekend.

But he was a constant topic of conversation.

In an event that drew an estimated 500 people from across the country, Rhode Island’s Republican governor — and more specifically his recent efforts to enforce federal immigration laws — played a central role.

“From a spiritual perspective, we feel like it’s a blessing to have the conference here. This state is going through a lot, especially with Governor Carcieri,” said Miguel Rivera, president of the National Coalition of Latino Ministers and Clergy, a Washington-based group that represents 16,000 churches across 34 states.

Rivera was among the speakers yesterday afternoon in a panel discussion titled “National Immigration Reform” at The Westin Providence hotel.

And while a collection of immigration experts discussed the debate in Washington, they also took the opportunity to rip state and municipal leaders, such as Carcieri, who have launched efforts to enforce federal immigration laws in recent months.

“The other side is louder … but the law is on our side,” said John Amaya, an attorney with the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund.

He said that 63 non-federal entities, such as local sheriffs and police departments, have moved to crack down on illegal immigration recently. His group has sued to block some of them.

The City of Farmer Branch, Texas, for example, last year passed a law requiring prospective apartment renters to prove citizenship. A judge has temporarily blocked the requirement, pending the outcome of a lawsuit filed by Amaya’s organization and the American Civil Liberties Union.

“State and local authorities aren’t fit to enforce immigration laws,” Amaya said. “They’re targeting people who look and sound brown.”

New York Rep. Charles B. Rangel, chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee and a cofounder of the Congressional Black Caucus, said that politicians often seek to divert attention during turbulent times.

“Even if you’re a governor, if things are going bad, find somebody to beat up on and people make you a hero,” Rangel said, without mentioning Carcieri by name. “A lack of jobs and economic instability brings out the worst in all of us.”

The panelists were speaking to a largely sympathetic audience. More than half of the 75 or so who attended the discussion raised their hands when asked if they knew someone who had been deported.

Reached by phone, Carcieri’s spokeswoman, Amy Kempe, said that the governor implemented an executive order in March largely because national lawmakers failed to deal with the issue.
“Rhode Island is one of a growing number of states that are cracking down on illegal immigration,” she said. “Absent a national policy on immigration, the governor’s executive order was created to follow the existing immigration laws.”

Specifically, Carcieri’s executive order calls in part for empowering state troopers and corrections officers with immigration enforcement duties. It also requires executive-branch agencies and companies doing business with the state to use the federal E-verify program, a computerized database that screens new hires for work eligibility, and it calls for swifter deportation of prisoners found to be in this country illegally.

While many in Rhode Island applauded the governor’s willingness to take action where the federal government did not, community leaders, advocacy groups and several of the state’s top clergy members criticized the plan, prompting Carcieri to convene a panel monitoring any “unintended consequences.” Some questioned the group’s relevance, however, when a courthouse immigration raid in July happened at the same time as the commission’s first meeting.

Panelists acknowledged that a lack of federal action on immigration reform has prompted states and municipalities to take matters into their own hands.

“We’re very disappointed, especially with Democrats after they were elected to the majority in 2006,” Rivera said. “The blame is on members of Congress of both parties. … We understand that’s why communities really have a reason to go forward with these anti-immigrant policies.”
Rangel said there simply isn’t the political will at the national level to take up comprehensive immigration reform that offers a pathway to citizenship for the country’s estimated 11.8 million undocumented immigrants.

“Even the best in the Congress –– a guy like Ted Kennedy –– is talking to me about building fences,” he said, calling on spiritual leaders from all religions to pressure elected officials to act. “This thing is a little bigger than legislation … I know what the right thing is, but I need some help.”

Despite the lack of a national immigration solution, national political figures did not shy away from the weekend conference.

Guest speakers included Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse and U.S. Rep. James R. Langevin. The conference program also included special messages from both presidential candidates, Barack Obama and John McCain.

Rivera said he understands where the attention is coming from: “They need our votes,” he said. “It truly means that we are a swing vote.”

A national study released earlier in the year reveals that Hispanic voters across the country are becoming a political force. There are 43,000 eligible Hispanic voters in Rhode Island alone, primarily clustered in Providence, Pawtucket and Central Falls. They represent 6 percent of all eligible voters, which is the 13th-highest rate in the nation, according to the Pew Hispanic Center.

The vast majority of Hispanic voters identify as Democrats. Perhaps that explains the criticism aimed at Rhode Island’s Republican governor.

“All of the sudden, Governor Carcieri has turned this into a heartless, heartless state,” state Sen. Juan M. Pichardo, D-Providence, said during the immigration panel discussion, noting that 32 pieces of legislation aimed at tightening immigration laws had been introduced in the previous General Assembly session.

It may be worse when lawmakers return in January, he said.

“The battle will continue,” he said, scanning the immigration experts on the panel. “But I know I got some people behind my back.”

October 07, 2008

Latino Evangelical Pastors Support McCain's New Policy Issue

NASHVILLE, TN- The National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC) welcomes Senator John McCain's initiative and policy issue on the need to help stabilize real estate residential prices and help homeowners to refinance their home mortgages and keep their homes.

"We understand that such policy is fundamentally important to thousands of our Latino homeowners who are being caught in the middle of a deeply problematic economic situation when they are moved to high anxiety in their lives and need some assurance that help is on its way makes Senator McCain a more attractive Presidential Candidate to all of us," says Rev. Miguel Rivera, President of CONLAMIC.

Senator McCain addressed this issue while debating Senator Barack Obama during the course of the second Presidential Candidate's debatewhere economic and national defense issues were the main topics of the evening.

"Making this issue a key one for his candidacy to become President of the United States, Senator McCain demonstrated a better understanding of the present difficulties that middle class America is going through and this commitment is another demonstration of his compassionate character, experienced legislative record, and economic expertise," concluded Rev. Rivera.

October 04, 2008

Mayoria de Pastores Evangelicos Latinos, apoyan el Senador John McCain y Sarah Palin...!

WASHINGTON, DC- CONLAMIC, La Coalicion Nacional Latina de Ministros y Lideres Cristianos, entidad que representa mas de 16,000 Iglesias y Pastores afiliados en 34 Estados de la Nacion, procedio con la votacion para endosar un Candidato Presidencial, durante la celebracion de su Conferencia Nacional de Liderato Pastoral en Washington DC.

Los resultados de dichos sufragios confirman que el Senador John McCain y la Gobernadora Sarah Palin, ganaron el endoso de la organizacion de Pastores, con un 53% de la mayoria de votos emitidos entre los Delegados y Presidentes de organizaciones Pastorales y Comunitarias Religiosas, afiliadas a CONLAMIC.

"Esta fue una experiencia muy interesante para nuestro liderato pastoral evangelico latino, siendo que por primera vez, el debate fue intenso entre los Ministros, analizando el Caracter, Valores, Record, Experiencia y Plataforma de ideas politicas, que ofrecen y promulgan cado uno de los Candidatos Presidenciales", indica el Rev. Miguel Rivera, Presidente de CONLAMIC.

"El debate intenso giro alrededor de las necesidades y conflictos que confronta la comunidad latina en Estados Unidos, en asuntos tales como:
-la deportacion de padres de familia, familias enteras y los hijos de estas que siendo ciudadanos americanos por virtud de nacimiento, se ven obligados a salir del Pais;
-los miles de latinos propietarios de bienes raices, que enfrentan el embargo y perdida de sus bienes, a consecuencia de la crisis economica financiera y los abusos que provocaron la misma; -la desercion escolar y los conflictos que sufren miles de estudiantes de escasos recursos economicos, quienes son victimas de escuelas fracasadas, que llevan por igual al fracaso academico de sus estudiantes;
-la importancia de un Presidente que nomine Jueces Asociados a la Corte Suprema de conducta judicial conservadora, siendo que muchos de los males de conciencia social y cultural que confronta este Pais, son el producto de Jueces Activistas Liberales, que han violado los parametros de la jurisprudencia constitucional, atribuyendose autoridad legislativa que no le pertenece y legislando desde el Tribunal", continua diciendo el Rev. Rivera.

"Finalmente, McCain/Palin resulto ser la mejor inversion de nuestros principios y valores tradicionales, sabiendo que la integrida y experiencia comprobada del Senador McCain, nos anima a confiar que, sera un mas certero defensor de nuestras iniciativas", declaro ademas el Rev. Rivera.

Por otro lado, el Dr. Antonio Bolainez quien apoya al Senador Barack Obama y el Senador Joseph Biden para Presidente y Vice-Presidente de la Nacion, aseguro que; "un 47% del Lideres y Pastores Evangelicos Latinos afirman la necesidad de un cambio y por tal razon continuaremos apoyando esa combinacion".

Delegados y Directores de toda la Nacion, aprobaron tres Resoluciones con las cuales afirmaron su compromiso con la defensa de una comunidad indocumentada que sufre el constante abatimiento de los arrestos y deportaciones, ademas de promover una Reforma Educativa y promover la creacion de Centros de Asimilacion Cultural, donde miles de latinos inmigrantes, puedan aprender ingles y conocer mejor los valores culturales de este Pais.

Majority of Evangelical Latino Pastors Endorse John McCain and Sarah Palin

WASHINGTON, DC- The National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC) the main Hispanic christian and evangelical pastor's advocacy organization in the Country, has voted in support of Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin, for President and Vice-President of the United States.

Inner City Latino Pastor's Associations and Hispanic Minister's Statewide Alliances affiliated with CONLAMIC convened in Washington D.C., where a 53% voted in support of the McCain/Palin ticket.

"This was a very interesting experience for our Coalition, where for the first time, our Pastors debated vigorously on how to interpret the Platforms, Ideas, Record and Values of both Candidates, versus the urgent needs of the Hispanic community
who are negatively affected by the racial intolerance incidents among neighbors and racial profiling practiced by local law enforcement, home foreclosures, school desertion and by the same token, very committed with the need of future nominations of conservative judicial nominees to the Supreme Court", says the Rev. Miguel Rivera, CONLAMIC President.

The vote tally reflects that 47% of the Delegates, voted on behalf of Senator Barack Obama and Senator Joe Biden for President and Vice President.

"CONLAMIC is a non-partisan organization, where Pastors are welcomed to voice their opinions and concerns from a political and social policy point of view, and such prudent exercise of our Democratic principles, helps us to guide our communities and explain them, about the political process in our Nation", says the Rev. Dr. Antonio Bolainez, who supports the Obama/Biden ticket.

During the CONLAMIC Latino Evangelical Leadership/Delegates Conference, three important
Resolutions were adopted.

CONLAMIC leaders are calling members of CONGRESS to provide legislation on behalf of a moratorium on deportation of undocumented immigrants that are parents of small children who are born citizens of America and provide legislation that will allow a full review of the 287-G code, that empowers local law enforcement agents, as Immigration Officers, due to the increased numbers of racial profiling and police brutality incidents around the Country.

An Education Resolution on behalf of "School Choice", was also adopted on behalf of parental empowerment regarding No Child Left Behind Law guidelines, who are duly entitled to be informed about their children's public school performance and their right to request transfer to a better performing school.

The Education Resolution also calls for the implementation of 100 (k-12) private schools, sponsored by the Latino Evangelical Churches in America and to provide Cultural Assimilation Centers for immigrants, who are eager to learn English and assimilate to the American culture.

A "Conservative Values" Resolution was also adopted, calling for support of "proven and strong" judicial conservative values, Associate Justice's Nominees for the United States Supreme Court.

October 03, 2008

Latino Religious Leaders calls for the Hispanic Community to "boycot" the Oklahoma State Fair events!

WASHINGTON, DC- The National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC) and the Hispanic Evangelical Pastor's Alliance of Oklahoma State, is calling the Latino community "not to support the
Oklahoma State Fair events".

"It is obvious that, after John Sullivan's announcement, regarding the opening of a Regional Immigration Office in the State of Oklahoma, the levels of racial intolerance among the community and the permissible racial profiling actions by the Tulsa County Sheriff Department, were sadly expected and that moves us, to call our Church members and the Hispanic Community, not to participate at the State Fair events, which is in their best interests and safety", says the Rev. Julian Rodriguez, President of the Oklahoma State Hispanic Evangelical Pastor's Alliance.

"Racial Profiling has been the order of the day, since the anti- Latino immigrant actions, started in May 2007, moving thousands of our Latino families to leave Oklahoma, as per roadblocks, check points, home raids, and all sort of policing intimidation, was duly practiced by the Tulsa County Sheriff Department, in order to promote a momentum on behalf of the HB-1804 legislation. The same is being done now, as per Congressman Sullivan needs to convince the Oklahoma residents and the Federal Government that, there was an imminent need to have this ICE Regional Office in our area, says the Rev. Dr. Victor Orta, CONLAMIC Oklahoma State Coordinator and main local advocate against such legislation.

"They should feel ashamed for themselves, due to the fact that, while celebrating such a historic SOONERS event, Sheriff James Glantz is using the opportunity to continue the persecution and intimidation of honest, hard working people, who are trying their best to learn English, assimilate themselves to our American Culture, victims of a broken immigration system, who are wrongful confronted with such immoral and human rights violations, due to the color of their skin or language accent, and all happening while trying to have a family good time among themselves", says also the Rev. Jose Alfonso CONLAMIC Regional Vice-President.