September 11, 2008

Senator McCain the only Presidential Candidate who recognized the loyal military service of green card holding immigrants at 9/11 Presidential Forum

NEW YORK, NY - At the 9/11 Presidential Forum held at the Columbia University in New York, tonight the Senator John McCain, the Republican Presidential Candidate, was the only one who advocate and recognized the great and honorable service that many new "green card holders" immigrants as committed "new Americans" are duly serving on behalf of Freedom and Liberty in the Military service.

"I will never forget the proud "green card holders" that I met in Iraq, that inspired me and demonstrated with their commitment what America the most exemplary Nation is all about," said the Senator McCain tonight in New York.

"Such comments confirmed to us that Senator McCain, recognizes the important contribution of immigrants to our Nation and makes him a true advocate for comprehensive immigration reform", says the Rev. Miguel Rivera, Chairman of the National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders.

"Different to Senator Obama, the Democratic nominee who did not addressed nor mentioned any words of encouragement on behalf of "the new immigrants" that are serving our Country, Senator McCain expressed his gratitude and sent a clear message to all immigrants and the Latino-Americans that are watching both candidates, that his commitment is still strong on behalf of all that are wanting to become proud Citizens of this Country", said also the Rev. Rivera.

CONLAMIC Latino Evangelical Christian Pastors and Leaders, will convene in Washington DC on September 25, to announce a formal endorsement on behalf of which Presidential Candidate should be favored by Latino Christians church members, around the Country.

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