September 23, 2008

Latino Clergy Convenes In Washington DC

"Hispanic Christian Pastors and Evangelical Latino Clergy, will convene in Washington DC, to advocate on behalf of the Christian Evangelical Hispanic Church in America..."

WASHINGTON, DC- The National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC), will celebrate the Hispanic Heritage Month in Washington DC, advocating on behalf of the thousands of Latino evangelicals and Hispanic christian members of their churches, that are profoundly concerned about this coming November elections and to announce their intention to "get out the vote" and move the Hispanic faith community, to become a powerful and strong advocate for immigration reform, education reform, compassionate economic policies and traditional family values.

"In the midst of most troubling economic times since the 1930's, Latino evangelical pastors and christian Hispanic members of the Clergy, come together to Washington DC to remind our Members of Congress that, thousands of the members of our churches are struggling because of the deceptive tactics that mortgage lenders used to trick them into high-risk interest mortgage schemes and while considering bailing out Wall Street magnates, NO MAIN STREET HOMEOWNER SHOULD BE LEFT BEHIND", says the Rev. Miguel Rivera, Chairman of CONLAMIC Board of Directors.

During the last ten years, CONLAMIC leadership have encouraged its affiliates, to teach members of their congregations to purchase real estate in the best interest of developing strong Hispanic communities and educate their children on the fundamentals of reaching out and seek the "American dream" and become homeowners.

The mortgage debacle, has shattered such dream for many Latino families who are victims of the present economic chaos that forced them out of their homes even when paying their mortgage bills on time and working to
refinance their homes as per new government guidelines.

Latino evangelical and pentecostal pastors are also, truly concerned with the social environment that has developed in many towns and communities around the Country, due to the troubling discriminatory and racial intolerance actions that are evident in neighborhoods such as Shenandoah PA, Irving TX, Tulsa OK, Prince William County VA and Maricopa County AZ, where a "vigilante animosity" has being nurtured and encouraged, against Latinos and the undocumented immigrant community.

"Hundreds of members of our Churches, legal residents of this Country have left to other States in dismay and frustration, due to the fact that they are feeling not welcomed anymore", says the Rev. Dr. Victor Orta, the CONLAMIC Oklahoma State Coordinator, on behalf of the Latino evangelical pastors who fought against an anti-Latino immigrant legislation known as HB-1804 in Federal Court, without success.

"The Hispanic Evangelical Church is a strong conservative advocate on behalf of traditional family values and social conservative issues. There is a tract record on such efforts and we are entitled to request, our conservative bipartisan Members of Congress, to reconsider their legislative actions against the Latino and Hispanic people, who are working hard each day to assimilate to our American culture and they do not deserve to be treated as low life criminals just because, they are victims of an obsolete immigration system, that retains them in the shadows of our society and stop them also, of not achieving the American dream, even when they are strong and faithful contributors to our Country", says the Rev. Herman Perez, the CONLAMIC Illinois State Coordinator and Regional Vice-President.

CONLAMIC christian ministers have being also very committed to "education reform", advocating on behalf of more parental empowerment and involvement at the education school board's level and encouraging "school choice" issues, to promote educational competition, with the understanding that only when such standards are duly applied at the school district's management levels, the children are best served and accountability becomes a major priority, against special interests.

"It is absolutely not acceptable for the Latino evangelical pastors from around the Country, that our "barrio" and many inner city schools are failing our children and discouraging them from staying. Such scenario is mostly negative affecting our Latino children and parents feel discourage, due to the lack of honest management of school funds, administrator's tenure, deceptive school boards actions and the lack of accountability at many teacher's union levels, where bad teachers are even promoted instead of being fired", says the Rev. John Muniz, CONLAMIC Education Reform National Coordinator.

CONLAMIC Hispanic evangelical pastor's are also concerned with "eminent domain" issues, due the a previous U.S. Supreme Court decision, where new State Laws empower local governments to execute on private real estate properties, for economic development. Many "store front" Latino owned churches, are being
concerned about the possibilities of being targeted and forced to relocate, due to the lack of Federal legislation on such a complex issue.

"Members of Congress need to re visit the House of Worship Protection Act, to assure strong religious rights, liberty and freedom of worship, due to the many local Municipal and State legislatures, that are moving ahead seeking Federal Funds for empowerment zone issues and financial subsidies, that infringes on the rights of our Latino faith communities and such initiatives intimidate many local church congregations, not prepared to fight for their constitutional rights in Court", says also the Rev. Rivera.

Rev. Miguel Rivera, Chairman of Board of Directors, will bring these issues at the CONLAMIC Leadership's Conference in Washington D.C. and to Vote for a Resolution, to commit advocacy on behalf of such concerns.

CONLAMIC Latino Evangelical Pastors Leadership Conference will be held at the Washington Court Hotel (New Jersey Ave. NW
and C Street) at 12:30pm on Thursday, September 25, 2008.

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