September 23, 2008

Latino Church Leaders Demand Cease & Desist of ICE Enforcement

"Evangelical Hispanic Pastors and Christian Latino Church's Leaders are demanding "Cease & Desist" of the 287-G, ICE enforcement guidelines"

WASHINGTON, DC- The National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC)
will advocate on behalf of a "moratorium", regarding the implementation of the 287-G, immigration enforcement guidelines, while being at Capitol Hill, for their 2008 Evangelical Latino Pastor's Leadership Conference on September the 25th.

"CONLAMIC Hispanic Church Leaders are committed to the enforcement of the law, but the intimidation, racial profiling and police brutality incidents that are happening around the Country, where local police officers are empowered under the 287-G immigration enforcement guidelines, is extremely disturbing for us to stay quite and do nothing" says the Rev. Miguel Rivera, President of CONLAMIC.

Reports from Tulsa Oklahoma, Nashville Tennessee, Irving Texas,
Providence Rhode Island and Dalton Georgia, are sufficient evidence, that such guidelines are polarizing and nurturing an extremely dangerous environment of animosity and tension among diverse communities and such critical situation provides, racial intolerance and discriminatory actions against hispanic immigrants and their families.

"Oklahoma is the most profound example of such intimidation and persecution of the latino community by local Sheriff Deputies and Police Officers, where Congressman Jim Sullivan has accomplished for his personal political future gubernatorial ambitions, the establishment of an Immigration Enforcement Task Force Office, which will perpetuate the road blocks, racial profiling and the negative effects of the Oklahoma State Law HB-1804", also says the Rev. Rivera.

Latino Evangelical and Hispanic Christian Pastor's Leaders will travel from 34 States, to convene in Washington DC and demonstrate a strong support against these reports, which divide families and tarnish the moral fabric of the traditional social conservative values.

"Members of Congress are in need to know all the facts, and our Pastors are here to provide them with facts on what appears to be a pattern of persecution against latinos, similar to what happened with the chinese and japanese immigrants during the beginning of the 20th Century in our Country", finished saying the Rev. Rivera.

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