September 29, 2008

National Latino Evangelical Leaders (CONLAMIC) call Members of CONGRESS to pass crucial legislation and avoid further economic financial crisis

WASHINGTON, DC- The National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC) is calling Members of CONGRESS, to "put political opportunism and partisanship aside and come back to the drawing board, with the understanding that the American is First", regarding the need to support President's Bush initiative on solving the present financial economic crisis.

"President Bush once again has demonstrated leadership and Congress should follow, passing the Emergency Financial Save Act. Our prayers are committed to our LORD, asking for guidance, unity and wisdom, at these perilous times, where more important than the blame, is the problem solving", says the Rev. Miguel Rivera, Chairman of the NCLCCL (CONLAMIC) Board of Directors, representing over 16,000 thousand Latino christian and evangelical churches in 34 States.

CONLAMIC Latino Evangelical Pastors who are at the forefront of "main street America", are duly aware of the consequences that the present financial economic crisis represents for small businesses and even church's ministries and faith based organizations that are depending of sound banking and financial resources, to operate and serve the communities in need.

"Republican and Democrats in Congress, should be compiled by a higher moral authority, and proceed to pass such legislation and bring closure to this crisis that could get worst, due to the anxiety and desperation that financial conflicts always develop, sending also a strong message to the "Wall Street CEO's" that greed, enrichment exhilarating and lack of economic prudence, should always be checked, with a humble act of prayer, to avoid other financial mess in the future", says also the Rev. Rivera.

A letter of "Prayer Support" at this time, will follow to all Members of CONGRESS, to assure them that thousands of Latino evangelical church members are praying for God's guidance on such complex issue, on their behalf.

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