September 24, 2008

National Latino-American Evangelical Pastors and Hispanic Christian Leaders Call for Urgent Prayer!

WASHINGTON, DC.- National Latino Evangelical and Hispanic Christian Leaders will make an URGENT CALL FOR PRAYER, while participating at the CONLAMIC Latino Evangelical Leaders Conference in Washington DC on Thursday, September 25th.

"The President of the United States has addressed the Nation regarding what has been called a serious crisis, referring to the present status of the American economy. Such profound and bold statement, moves us to call our congregations to Pray for God's Spiritual Guidance and Wisdom among our Leaders, with a true understanding that, All things are possible, for those who believe", says the Rev. Miguel Rivera, the National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders, CONLAMIC Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Leaders of Non-Denominational Christian Hispanic Churches and Latino Evangelical Councils of Churches members of CONLAMIC, are in Washington DC, for various Legislative Briefings and Christian Leadership Conference.

"At these perilous times, Prayer is the best pro-active faith strategic component, with the understanding that, our own National history confirms that, America's strength enhances when Faith and Prayer is put to work with a humble heart and assurance of God's love" says also the Rev. Dr. David Guel, President of CONLAMIC-USA.

CONLAMIC National Latino Evangelical Leaders and Delegates will meet at Capitol Hill in the morning and later in the afternoon, at the Washington Court Hotel.

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