March 12, 2008

CONLAMIC Holds Press Conference In Providence Against Local Hate Crimes

PROVIDENCE, RI- The National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC) and the Hispanic Pastors Association of Rhode Island will offer a Press Conference (today / 2:00pm) at the " business doors" of David C. Richardson, a heating equipment supplies store owner, in Lincoln, RI., to request the Rhode Island Attorney General's Office, to investigate and prosecute what is considered a "hate crime and discrimination against latinos", as per an incident reported by the Providence Journal in today's newspaper.

"Mr. David Richardson has decided to put in jeopardy the future of his business, by intimidating latino consumers and violating their constitutional rights, when practicing racial profiling and requesting evidence of their legal status in this Country, as a requirement to purchase goods", says the Rev. Miguel Rivera, President of CONLAMIC.

As per the Providence Journal, Mr. Richardson, asked two latino customers for their Social Security cards and offered himself to call ICE, if Jose Genao, a Rhode Island State employee and a US Citizen, would not comply with his demand.

"This is another example of the animosity and chaos that is growing among our communities, due to the wrong actions by Members of Congress who have avoided to pass a Comprehensive Immigration Reform and instead are fueling a "racial intolerance environment" against all latino immigrants, advocating for an "enforcement only approach" and the inflammatory rethoric that has been used by Members of State Legislatures, regarding the undocumented immigrants in the Country" who are willing to come out of the shadows and comply with the rule of law, if a comprehensive solution is accomplished", said Rev. Rivera.

"As Latino Evangelical Pastors of Rhode Island, it is our duty to condemn this type of actions and request an immediate intervention from the Attorney General's Office, due to what seems to be, a "hate crime" and a violation of civil rights, against members of our community", said Rev. Eliseo Nogueras, the CONAMIC New England Region's Vice-President and President of the Hispanic Pastor's Association.

CONLAMIC, the largest latino evangelical pastor's advocacy organization based out of Washington DC, is providing legal support to the latino community, regarding the increase in hate crimes and anti-immigrant legislative initiatives, that are being considered at the Rhode Island's Legislature."We want to send a message to those members of the State Legislature, that are considering "frivolous" laws against the undocumented immigrants in Rhode Island, that our attorneys are ready to fight in Federal and State Court, such actions", said Rev. Rivera.

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