March 31, 2008

CONLAMIC response and action plan, to Governor Carcierri's "executive order"

WASHINGTON, DC- The National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC) is urging the Latino evangelical church in the State of Rhode Island, to inform themselves regarding the Executive Order issued yesterday by Governor Carcierri and be prepared to respond with "an appropriate plan of action" against racial profiling", said the Rev. Miguel Rivera, President of the largest Latino evangelical advocacy organization in the Country.

"As a committed conservative Latino evangelical pastor's coalition, CONLAMIC supports the need to secure our borders and ports of entry; prosecute and deport violent illegal criminals and the need for "a true, reasonable and compassionate approach to a comprehensive immigration reform".

"We understand the frustrations and conflicting issues that such a sensitive and controversial dilemma, develops while polarizing our communities".

"But we cannot understand the true motivations behind Governor Carcierri's actions", said also the Rev. Rivera.The Hispanic Pastors Association of Rhode Island, the state wide Hispanic pastors organization, responded two weeks ago to the "intimidating actions of a store owner in Rhode Island, who mistreated two Latino American citizens, "offering himself to perform a civil- arrest against them for being illegals and call ICE", after such customers were speaking in Spanish among themselves, while being helped inside the store."We decided to bring light to such an in moral and illegal example of human rights violations, in order to let others know that, this actions will not be tolerated", says the Rev. Eliseo Nogueras, President of the Hispanic Pastors in Rhode Island and CONLAMIC Regional Vice-President for the New England territory.

CONLAMIC Legal Defense Fund Attorneys, will come in the next few weeks to Rhode Island, to provide legal counsel to the Latino pastors and other Latino leaders who are willing to be pro-active, on the trail of "racial profiling crimes and other civil rights violations", that comes as the result of such a 287-G implementation". "Proper guidelines are needed in place to ensure that State Police Officers and State employees, will not be caught themselves, violating civil rights of legal residents of Rhode Island and American citizens," concluded Rev. Rivera.

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