March 11, 2008

Rev. Miguel Rivera Serves As Guest Speaker at New England Regional Clergy Event

Providence, RI- Rev. Miguel Rivera, President of the largest latino evangelical pastors advocacy organization, based out of Washington DC, will be the guest speaker, at a New England Regional Clergy meeting on Wednesday, March 12 at 12:00pm in Providence, RI., at the Gethsemani Pentecostal Church. The Rev. Rivera will be addressing issues regarding to "sanctuary strategies" that the latino evangelical churches are prepared to put in place, due to the legislative initiatives that are been considered by various legislators in Rhode Island and sour rounding States. He will also provide a detailed report, regarding pending legal actions against Oklahoma and Georgia, related to anti-immigrant laws duly in force in both States.

"CONLAMIC Legal Defense Fund is ready to provide assistance to our latino evangelical churches and their memberships, that are dealing with issues such as "children citizens of United States that are being separated from their parents, due to their legal status, arrests and deportations, and the aggressive harassment and the increasing number of "hate crimes and discriminatory activities", against the latino community", says the Rev. Rivera, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO, of CONLAMIC and CONLAMIC Legal Defense Fund.

"Latino evangelical pastors around the Country, are being empowered by CONLAMIC with the resources needed to train our churches leadership, to assume a more comprehensive role and activism on the political issues that are relevant to our members and to convert ourselves in a dynamic advocacy force that speaks for the latino community and let no other special interest group, speak on our behalf or advocate for ourselves", said also the Rev. Eliseo Nogueras, President of the Rhode Island Hispanic Pastors Association, which represents over 80 local hispanic churches state wide.

Voter's registration drives, bipartisan seminars on issues and political platforms, are being brought to the attention of the latino evangelical pastors, to help them approach to a complex decision about, "who to vote for in this coming general elections". "The latino evangelical pastors are duly committed to find a prudent and sound balance, when they proceed to analyze a candidate's standing on issues such a traditional values, fiscal conservative approach and also those issues that are closely related to the latino community such as comprehensive immigration reform and education", continues saying the Rev. Rivera.

CONLAMIC has endorsed the Senator John McCain on the Republican primary and the Senator Barack Obama on the Democratic primary. With over 16,000 thousand latino evangelical pastors affiliated in 34 States, is the most influential advocacy movement, and the true voice for the Latino Evangelical Clergy in the United States.

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