March 31, 2008

CONLAMIC response and action plan, to Governor Carcierri's "executive order"

WASHINGTON, DC- The National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC) is urging the Latino evangelical church in the State of Rhode Island, to inform themselves regarding the Executive Order issued yesterday by Governor Carcierri and be prepared to respond with "an appropriate plan of action" against racial profiling", said the Rev. Miguel Rivera, President of the largest Latino evangelical advocacy organization in the Country.

"As a committed conservative Latino evangelical pastor's coalition, CONLAMIC supports the need to secure our borders and ports of entry; prosecute and deport violent illegal criminals and the need for "a true, reasonable and compassionate approach to a comprehensive immigration reform".

"We understand the frustrations and conflicting issues that such a sensitive and controversial dilemma, develops while polarizing our communities".

"But we cannot understand the true motivations behind Governor Carcierri's actions", said also the Rev. Rivera.The Hispanic Pastors Association of Rhode Island, the state wide Hispanic pastors organization, responded two weeks ago to the "intimidating actions of a store owner in Rhode Island, who mistreated two Latino American citizens, "offering himself to perform a civil- arrest against them for being illegals and call ICE", after such customers were speaking in Spanish among themselves, while being helped inside the store."We decided to bring light to such an in moral and illegal example of human rights violations, in order to let others know that, this actions will not be tolerated", says the Rev. Eliseo Nogueras, President of the Hispanic Pastors in Rhode Island and CONLAMIC Regional Vice-President for the New England territory.

CONLAMIC Legal Defense Fund Attorneys, will come in the next few weeks to Rhode Island, to provide legal counsel to the Latino pastors and other Latino leaders who are willing to be pro-active, on the trail of "racial profiling crimes and other civil rights violations", that comes as the result of such a 287-G implementation". "Proper guidelines are needed in place to ensure that State Police Officers and State employees, will not be caught themselves, violating civil rights of legal residents of Rhode Island and American citizens," concluded Rev. Rivera.

March 25, 2008

CONLAMIC is strongly condemning the aggressive actions taken by the Maricopa County, Arizona, sheriff

WASHINGTON, DC- The National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC) is strongly condemning the aggressive actions taken by the Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, as per reports of dozens of undocumented immigrants being "flagged" and victimized by the exercise of "racial profiling".

"Sheriff Joe Arpio's actions were deliberately compromised with an agenda to "hunt undocumented immigrants", with a new twist; the irresponsible participation of armed vigilantes, duly empowered by the Sheriff and with all the intent to intimidate and discriminate against the Latino community in the County", says the Rev. Miguel Rivera, President of CONLAMIC.Dozens of latino families were harassed during this last week by the Maricopa Deputies with the help of "vigilantes", duly armed and ready to assist during the Holy Friday's weekend, taking advantage of the need for many christian and catholic latinos, traveling to worship at their Churches.

"The orders of Sheriff Arpaio to seek and hunt the undocumented immigrants during this past weekend", is to be considered a direct act of provocation and disruption, against and during one of the most solemn celebrations among Latino Christians, where a full display of racial profiling and human rights violations, are been documented and in need to be furhter investigated", says also the Rev. Rivera.

CONLAMIC is the largest Latino Evangelical Pastor's advocacy organization, representing over 16,000 thousand Clergy members in 34 States.

March 12, 2008

CONLAMIC Holds Press Conference In Providence Against Local Hate Crimes

PROVIDENCE, RI- The National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC) and the Hispanic Pastors Association of Rhode Island will offer a Press Conference (today / 2:00pm) at the " business doors" of David C. Richardson, a heating equipment supplies store owner, in Lincoln, RI., to request the Rhode Island Attorney General's Office, to investigate and prosecute what is considered a "hate crime and discrimination against latinos", as per an incident reported by the Providence Journal in today's newspaper.

"Mr. David Richardson has decided to put in jeopardy the future of his business, by intimidating latino consumers and violating their constitutional rights, when practicing racial profiling and requesting evidence of their legal status in this Country, as a requirement to purchase goods", says the Rev. Miguel Rivera, President of CONLAMIC.

As per the Providence Journal, Mr. Richardson, asked two latino customers for their Social Security cards and offered himself to call ICE, if Jose Genao, a Rhode Island State employee and a US Citizen, would not comply with his demand.

"This is another example of the animosity and chaos that is growing among our communities, due to the wrong actions by Members of Congress who have avoided to pass a Comprehensive Immigration Reform and instead are fueling a "racial intolerance environment" against all latino immigrants, advocating for an "enforcement only approach" and the inflammatory rethoric that has been used by Members of State Legislatures, regarding the undocumented immigrants in the Country" who are willing to come out of the shadows and comply with the rule of law, if a comprehensive solution is accomplished", said Rev. Rivera.

"As Latino Evangelical Pastors of Rhode Island, it is our duty to condemn this type of actions and request an immediate intervention from the Attorney General's Office, due to what seems to be, a "hate crime" and a violation of civil rights, against members of our community", said Rev. Eliseo Nogueras, the CONAMIC New England Region's Vice-President and President of the Hispanic Pastor's Association.

CONLAMIC, the largest latino evangelical pastor's advocacy organization based out of Washington DC, is providing legal support to the latino community, regarding the increase in hate crimes and anti-immigrant legislative initiatives, that are being considered at the Rhode Island's Legislature."We want to send a message to those members of the State Legislature, that are considering "frivolous" laws against the undocumented immigrants in Rhode Island, that our attorneys are ready to fight in Federal and State Court, such actions", said Rev. Rivera.

March 11, 2008

Rev. Miguel Rivera Serves As Guest Speaker at New England Regional Clergy Event

Providence, RI- Rev. Miguel Rivera, President of the largest latino evangelical pastors advocacy organization, based out of Washington DC, will be the guest speaker, at a New England Regional Clergy meeting on Wednesday, March 12 at 12:00pm in Providence, RI., at the Gethsemani Pentecostal Church. The Rev. Rivera will be addressing issues regarding to "sanctuary strategies" that the latino evangelical churches are prepared to put in place, due to the legislative initiatives that are been considered by various legislators in Rhode Island and sour rounding States. He will also provide a detailed report, regarding pending legal actions against Oklahoma and Georgia, related to anti-immigrant laws duly in force in both States.

"CONLAMIC Legal Defense Fund is ready to provide assistance to our latino evangelical churches and their memberships, that are dealing with issues such as "children citizens of United States that are being separated from their parents, due to their legal status, arrests and deportations, and the aggressive harassment and the increasing number of "hate crimes and discriminatory activities", against the latino community", says the Rev. Rivera, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO, of CONLAMIC and CONLAMIC Legal Defense Fund.

"Latino evangelical pastors around the Country, are being empowered by CONLAMIC with the resources needed to train our churches leadership, to assume a more comprehensive role and activism on the political issues that are relevant to our members and to convert ourselves in a dynamic advocacy force that speaks for the latino community and let no other special interest group, speak on our behalf or advocate for ourselves", said also the Rev. Eliseo Nogueras, President of the Rhode Island Hispanic Pastors Association, which represents over 80 local hispanic churches state wide.

Voter's registration drives, bipartisan seminars on issues and political platforms, are being brought to the attention of the latino evangelical pastors, to help them approach to a complex decision about, "who to vote for in this coming general elections". "The latino evangelical pastors are duly committed to find a prudent and sound balance, when they proceed to analyze a candidate's standing on issues such a traditional values, fiscal conservative approach and also those issues that are closely related to the latino community such as comprehensive immigration reform and education", continues saying the Rev. Rivera.

CONLAMIC has endorsed the Senator John McCain on the Republican primary and the Senator Barack Obama on the Democratic primary. With over 16,000 thousand latino evangelical pastors affiliated in 34 States, is the most influential advocacy movement, and the true voice for the Latino Evangelical Clergy in the United States.

March 10, 2008

The real story behind Senator Sweeney's actions..!

By Rev. Miguel Rivera

Once again in the midst of a "budget fight", Governor Jon Corzine is being the victim of a political assault by the "South Jersey Democratic leadership". Senator Stephen Sweeney is a "subordinate legislator" of such "southern faction" of the Party.The same happened two years ago, when Governor Corzine decided to have the government "closed down", due to the conflicts and misunderstandings with the "Democratic bosses" of "south jersey". This time the plan is to "ridicule the Governor and the Blue Ribbon Immigration Panel" (a Governor Corzine's effort), even before such task force has rendered an opinion on issues regarding the undocumented immigrants and their impact, in New Jersey.Senator Sweeney is "imitating" others around the Country (like Randy Terril from Oklahoma) who are taking advantage of such a sensitive and controversial issue, to score political points with their constituencies. For these "type" of legislators, the undocumented immigrants issue, is their best source of political fund raising and momentum, on an election year.Even an increase in "hate groups" and hate crimes against latinos, is being published by independent think tanks around the Country, due to the inflammatory "rethoric" and the non-expensive easy political opportunism, that, such legislative actions provide. Without wearing a "klan's hood", Senator Sweeney is fueling such animosity with such a legislative initiative, that even tries to question the authority of the Attorney General's guidelines, which were well received by the Latino Community, as a prudent and sensible approach to such a controversial issue.Mr. Sweeney's intentions are not only to embarrass the Governor but also, to escalate the anti-latino immigrant sentiment in the State of New Jersey, which will bring the same economic consequences that the Township of Riverside, NJ (a southern enclave) is going thru, after a deliberate and discriminatory Ordinance that was later rescind against the Honduran, Ecuadorian and Brazilian immigrant residents.By the same token, Sweeney's actions are a "wake-up" call to the members of the immigration advisory panel, to not "disconnect themselves" with the reality of the undocumented immigrants.Latino Evangelical Pastors know, because, thousands of members of our Churches around the Nation, are undocumented latino immigrants, who are not seeking "welfare benefits or hand-outs". Their main concerns are to work hard, earn some money, help their families here and abroad and love this Country.For many of them, being paid low wages and waging discrimination working jobs that other American workers do not want, is not an issue to be concerned.Many of them are just grateful to have such "job" and pursue happiness.I urge the Latino Evangelical Clergy in New Jersey to advocate against the "Sweeney's Bill" and let's pray that GOD will bring peace to our hearts even when as victims of such endeavors, in the midst of the Christian Holy Week, Good Friday and Resurrection of Our LORD, we pray for forgiveness toward our adversaries and wisdom to carry on our fight for Social Justice and a real solution to this dilemma, Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

*The Rev. Miguel Rivera, is President of the National Coalition of Latino Clergy & Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC) the largest latino evangelical pastors advocacy organization with over 16,000 affiliates in 34 States. For additional information please visit;

"John McCain; la oracion de miles de latinos evangelicos conservadores, ha sido contestada..."

Marzo 8, 2008
Boletin Presidencial
Rev. Miguel Rivera

Washington DC- El discurso de victoria dictado, (luego de finalizar y tener conocimiento de los resultados emitidos por los cuatro Estados en primarias - OH, VT, RI, TX) por el Senador John McCain, tiene implicaciones mucho mas profundas, que meramente una aceptacion sobre la nominacion de su Partido. Esta ocasion fue para miles de hombres y mujeres de Fe y Oracion, una respuesta a sus "humildes oraciones".Lejos de ser predominantemente "Republicanos o Democratas", los "fieles" miembros activos de nuestras Iglesias Cristianas (todos latinos) se llenaron de jubilo al saber que, ya tienen por quien votar el proximo mes de noviembre, sin temor a confundir sus principios de Fe Cristiana, mientras anhelan ver resueltos asuntos que competen a la vida cotidiana de la comunidad latina, en general.La fe cristiana del Senador McCain, su integridad personal, su experiencia legislativa en el Congreso de los Estados Unidos, suman a una "excelente formula de valores tradicionales y liderato experimentado" que motiva a poder "votar por John McCain, para Presidente de los Estados Unidos.Diferente a "nuestros hermanos evangelicos anglos y negro-americanos", la Iglesia Evangelica Latina en Estados Unidos es mas pujante aun cuando esta no sea "afiliada a denominacion evangelica alguna". Aquellas que subsisten dentro del aparato burocratico de una institucion eclesiastica, por lo general estan limitadas a responder conforme al liderato denominacional y por consecuente, en la discusion y vivencia del dilema de una "ley de reforma inmigratoria", cientos de Lideres de estas denominaciones,deciden unir fuerzas con sus colegas en la comunidad donde operan sus Iglesias locales y estos encuentran en CONLAMIC una entidad de integridad y activista, a favor de "nuestra gente indocumentada".Para estos Pastores (mas de 16,000 mil en 34 Estados), CONLAMIC, sirve como "foro" para canalizar sus inquietudes politicas, siendo que ya es de conocimiento universal, que la Iglesia Latina Evangelica es tambien una fuerza relevante en el proceso politico y social de esta Nacion.Para nuestros pastores, la nominacion del Senador John McCain a Presidente de los Estados Unidos, es "una bendicion".Miles de los miembros congregantes de nuestras iglesias evangelicas latinas, igual ademas que sus pastores, se identifican localmente con el Partido Democrata.Ejemplo de esto es precisamente el Rev. Dr. Ruben Diaz, Ministro de la Iglesia de Dios en el Bronx, NY y Senador, siendo este el primer Ministro Pentecostal Latino, electo a una posicion legislativa en ese Estado.El Rev. Diaz, ademas de ser Presidente de la Asociacion de Pastores de New York, es un "Democrata" conservador, con un record excelente, repudiando publicamente aquellas costumbres y tendencias politicas que estan contrarias al postulado Biblico y la "sana Doctrina".Para el Rev. Diaz y cientos de lospastores afiliados a su organizacion, el Senador John McCain es la "mejor alternativa" siendo que ninguno de los candidatos presentes de su Partido Democrata, sancionan el matrimoniop gay, ademas de apoyar el aborto en demanda.Otro ejemplo interesante, es la persona del Rev. Dr. Manuel Jordan, Secretario General de CONLAMIC.El Dr. Jordan, es un lider del Partido Democrata en la comunidad de Camden, NJ. Toda su carrera pastoral, la ha dedicado al pulpito de su Iglesia Pentecostal, ademas de "ayudar a facultar la comunidad hispana de Camden. Fue asi como surgio la "Alianza Hispana para el Progreso" la cual logro la unidad de las iglesias pentecostales de esa empobrecida y marginada Ciudad, y bajo la direccion de ese digno predicador del evangelio, serios cambios surgieron tanto a nivel de la Junta de Educacion como ademas del Consejo Municipal.Sin embargo, el Dr. Jordan siempre ha tenido una seria disyuntiva con su "partido" a consecuencia de "la plataforma liberal e inclusiva" de ese gremio politico.Diferente a nuestros colegas pastores negro-americanos, el "Pastor Latino evangelico" es mas conservador en su apreciacion de valores, siendo que el bagaje cultural hispano, es "mucho mas conservador que el anglo, europeo o asiatico".Estos ejemplos mencionados, nos llevan a otro angulo de esta disertacion; "Que diferencia existe entre el endoso de CONLAMIC a un candidato politico y "otras" representaciones que aparacen unicamente durante el periodo de elecciones...?CONLAMIC, las mas grande coalicion de Pastores Latinos evangelicos, pentecostales, cristianos (no afiliados y denominacionales) UNICAMENTE OFRECE UN ENDOSO, CUANDO EL CANDIDATO DEMUESTRA ESTAR TOTALMENTE IDENTIFICADO CON LOS VALORES Y NECESIDADES DE LA COMUNIDAD LATINA.Nunca esta organizacion ha permitido que el "lujo de Poder, el Oportunismo y la lujuria de la Fama", permita que nuestra accion de abogar y defender nuestra plataforma, sea alterada o perturbada por individuos o intenciones politicas de "baja integridad".De hecho, fue bajo ese mismo parametro de valores y reglas que observa CONLAMIC, que decidimos dejar saber nuestra opinion sobre el Senador Barack Obama, siendo que nuestros Pastores de los Estados que hacen frontera con Mexico, son muy sensibles a la necesidad imperiosa de una "Ley justa de Reforma Inmigratoria".De hecho, fue el Dr. Antonio Bolainez, Ministro Pentecostal y Politologo Evangelico egresado de la Universidad de Amsterdam, quien nos permitio considerar al Senador Obama, "el unico de los dos candidatos democratas presentes", que Co-Auspicio el Proyecto de Ley para Reforma Inmigratoria en el Senador de Estados Unidos.Aunque las posturas del Senador Obama son mas liberales, el Dr. Bolainez (quien esta "lejos de ser un ministro evangelico liberal"), nos dejo ver que; "Es imposible para nosotros como lideres evangelicos latinos, que avalemos una agenda de valores culturales, tradicionales de alta moral conservadora (mayormente avalada por los anglos) y dejemos a un lado, el "escarnio, la discriminacion y el odio racista" que sufren miles de nuestros hermanos cristianos indocumentados"...!Esta "controversial verdad", marco el desafio de enviar un mensaje claro a nuestros "hermanos evangelicos anglo y negro-americanos", que la Iglesia Evangelica Latina, HA TOMADO EN SERIO, LA DEFENSA DE LA DIGNIDAD DE VIDA DE NUESTROS HERMANOS LATINOS.Hemos concluido que, antes de continuar avalando sus posturas politicas religiosas, es necesario un "detente y reflexion" sobre los intereses de los latinos-americanos (documentados e indocumentados) y luego que nuestra "agenda social cristiana latina evangelica" sea confirmada por el respeto y la consideracion de estos, ENTONCES PODREMOS SENTARNOS A CONTINUAR UNIDOS EN OTROS TEMAS DE URGENTE NECESIDAD SOCIAL.Nuestras "oraciones han sido contestadas" por la victoria del Senador McCain, siendo que este se convierte en el "eje de accion integra" que representa ambas vertientes y dilemas de la Iglesia Evangelica Latina.Estas son; Jueces Conservadores a la Cortew Suprema y Reformas a la Ley de Inmigracion y Sistemas de Educacion Publica en Estados Unidos.El Senador McCain, encierra en su persona politica, la capacidad de atender y provocar resultados positivos, en las "prioridades politicas" antes mencionadas.Su trayectoria personal (heroe herido en combate y prisionero de guerra) durante las incursion belica en Vietnam y proveniente de Arizona (un Estado fronterizo) permiten a este hombre, conocer las prioridades en materia de, Defensa Nacional, Comercio y Reforma Inmigratoria Integral.Su experiencia de Fe cristiana, afirma sus conviciones legislativas ante dilemas tales como la "reforma al Sistema de Educacion Publica", dandole mas autoridad a los padres y haciendo posible la competencia en la infraestructura educativa institucional, permitiendo el desarollo de "escuelas charter y privadas" como alternativas a las escuelas publicas", ademas de asegurar, la nominacion de Jueces Asociados Federales, que garantizen la "interpretacion intrinsica de la Constitucion de Estadosa Unidos", rechazando las corrientes liberales juridicas, que han provocado una debacle jurisprudencial con la cual la sociedad norte-americana se ha entregado a costumbres y posturas contrarias a los valores tradicionales que sirvieron como fundamento para el establecimiento de esta gran Nacion.Acercandose pues la fecha de nuestra Conferencia General Bienal (Junio 20-21) en Washington DC, la Pastoral Evangelica Latina, una vez mas "respira profundamente con alegria y seguridad", que en el Senador John McCain, podemospatentizar nuestra accion civica como ciudadanos de este Pais, sabiendo que la "mayoria de los postulados de la agenda de prioridades latinas y postulados conservadores", estaran bien representadas con John McCain en la Casa Blanca.

"Congratulations Senator McCain!"
Rev. Miguel Rivera
Chairman, CEO National Coalition of Latino Clergy& Christian Leaders / CONLAMIC