January 05, 2008

CONLAMIC Stays Constant in it's Fight Against Oklahoma's HB-1804 Anti-immigrant Law

Tulsa, OK- CONLAMIC Legal Defense Fund is considering filing with the Denver-based 10th Circuit Court of Appeals as early as next week in followup to Judge James Payne's dismissal of a complaint filed against Oklahoma anti-immigrant HB-1804 law. The organization seeks to continue its push to halt the implementation of this harmful law.

"We plan to continue our fight to demonstrate the distress and grievance that has been created by this draconian law in Oklahoma," says Rev. Miguel Rivera, President of the National Coalition of Latino Clergy (CONLAMIC) who filed the lawsuit. "We strongly believe that the proponents of this law are motivated by their interest to cleanse the state of Hispanics."

CONLAMIC's legal team, William Sanchez and Rohit Sharma are reviewing the recent state-level complaint to determine if providing legal support is feasible. CONLAMIC Attorneys are considering a legal action in State Superior Court against the City of Tulsa and individual members of the City Council, those who served as the main sponsors of a resolution that led to the arrest of undocumented immigrants prior to providing the necessary training of Deputies per the required federal guidelines.

The excessive and aggressive actions displayed by the Tulsa County Sheriff in agreement with the Tulsa City Police Department that brought so much fear and disturbed hundreds of Latino families in Tulsa County even before the implementation of HB-1804.

"We considered them racially motivated against Latinos and is the primary reason we may pursue this action,"said the Rev. Rivera.

The Rev. Rivera is expecting an intervention of the Federal Department of Justice regarding a formal investigation on racial profiling incidents that occurred this past summer.

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