December 27, 2007

President of National Coalition of Latino Clergy & Christian Leaders Endorses Senator John McCain for President

Washington, DC – The President of the National Coalition of Latino Clergy & Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC) has announced his endorsement of Republican Presidential candidate, Senator John McCain.

“Senator McCain is a true friend to the Latino community,” said Rev. Miguel Rivera, President of CONLAMIC. “He is the only candidate that has demonstrated solid political expertise, personal and professional sacrifices for our nation, and compassion and understanding that has led to his support of the issues we see as critical for the improvement and protection of our nation and its citizens.”

Rev. Rivera views Senator McCain’s as having a trajectory that is unquestionably conservative as a legislator. He is a man of principal, so much so that he does not waver when the winds of opinion are adverse to his position. Senator McCain is sincere about his faith in God. In matters of national security, he undoubtedly more qualified than the other candidates to lead our nation and protect its citizens.

“Senator McCain has shown courageous leadership on issues that are important to American’s, including defense of our nation, the sanctity of human life, ethics, and fiscal responsibility,” said Rev. Rivera. “Our nation needs a leader that will lead with integrity and will work hard to find practical and effective solutions to the challenges we face as we work to improve our economy and protect our citizens. We need a President who will lead by example, with moral integrity. The Latino evangelical community has tremendous faith in Senator McCain. We know him to be the best candidate for the Republican nomination.”

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