October 13, 2007

CONLAMIC Reponds to Call From Clergy In Irving Texas

Hispanic Ministers Take Action Against Anti-Immigrant Activity

Irving, Texas - Hispanic evangelical ministers from Irving, Texas made a formal petition to the National Coalition of Latino Clergy & Christian Leaders for help in organizing a concerted and aggressive effort against the anti-immigrant sentiment, mass deportations, and other activity that is hurting members of their congregations. In swift response, Rev. Miguel Rivera was on his cell phone with his legal team as he boarded a plane to Dallas yesterday.

"Our leaders tell me that many of our people are being hurt over the activity of local public officials in Irving. The community is divided and racial discrimination is growing as a result of this activity," said Rev. Rivera, President of CONLAMIC.

In a conference call with his legal team in Texas, William Sanchez, President of the CONLAMIC Legal Defense Fund analysed the Irving situation and his team discussed the possibility of launching a fight through the courts.

"We are carefully reviewing the Irving situation. If the constitution has been violated - we will seek justice through the court system," stated William Sanchez.

Today, Hispanic ministers will have a series of meetings with CONLAMIC leaders. The Spanish Christian radio waves have been urging members of churches to unite their voice and gather for a prayer vigil today at City Hall to begin what promises to be a strong effort on behalf of the Latino evangelical church.

This year, CONLAMIC has led similar efforts to fight anti-immigrant initiatives in New Jersey, Oklahoma, Virginia and Georgia, bringing national attention to the issue along the way. Successful efforts to curve anti-immigrant activity has given CONLAMIC the reputation of being a 'watchdog' against the violation of civil rights. This is significant, as the Hispanic evangelical church has been historically known for being silent, even in cases of injustice.

"With God's help, we will ensure that civil rights are not violated in Irving, Texas and as we evaluate the situation on behalf of local CONLAMIC members, we will take the appropriate action to ensure justice prevails," said Rev. Miguel Rivera.

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