October 09, 2007

CONLAMIC Prepares to File Legal Action Against the State of Oklahoma

Purpose is to Defeat the Law HB-1804

Washington DC--The National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders/ CONLAMIC, the largest Latino evangelical pastors advocacy coalition in the Country, representing over 16,000 thousand Latino Christian churches in 33 States, will file a lawsuit in Federal Court against the State of Oklahoma regarding legislation known as HB-1804, the most anti-immigrant measure in the United States.

"We are filing such action to stop the ethnic cleansing tactics that have being occurring mostly in the Tulsa County area and are affecting the Latino community. These are happening, coincidentally, as the Tulsa County residents are in the brink of a referendum on October 9 to approve a $282 million Arkansas River development. This development promise to provide millions of dollars in the form of rebates from which many low-income Latinos would directly benefit from if passed" says the Rev. Miguel Rivera, President of CONLAMIC.

"The racial profiling abuses and roadblock actions by the Tulsa County Sheriff Dept in conjunction with the Tulsa Police Dept, are undeniable evidence that there are special interest groups that are putting substantial pressure on the Tulsa County Latinos to intimidate them and to prompt them to abandon their homes and businesses in the area", continues the Rev. Rivera.

Latino evangelical churches are losing membership, Latino businesses are being negatively affected; many are selling their real estate properties below the market value just to avoid having a member of their extended family, that is undocumented, from being arrested and deported.

CONLAMIC is urging the Federal Dept of Justice to open an investigation regarding the racial profiling issues and the ethnic cleansing tactics in the County of Tulsa and the possible correlation it bears to the Arkansas River Development project.

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