October 15, 2007

CONLAMIC Legal Defense Fund Files Suit Against Oklahoma Law

Tulsa, OK - Today, Rev. Miguel Rivera and his state legal team held a press conference before the Federal Court building in Tulsa to announce the formal filing of the lawsuit against House Bill 1804. The lawsuit names Governor Brad Henry and Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson as defendants. The legal battle begins as a result of failure by local officials to bring a workable solution that will stop this division among the community of Tulsa.

"Our experience in other states is often that community talks result in action that will help us all to avoid legal battles. But when that fails, as it has in Tulsa, CONLAMIC Legal Defense Fund is called in to fight for justice through the court system," said Rev. Rivera, President of CONLAMIC.

"The law is on our side. We will resolve this eventually. In the meantime, immigrant members of the community should remain in their homes and not give up," said William Sanchez, President of CONLAMIC Legal Defense Fund.

Already, an estimated 25,000 people have left in fear of HB 1804's effects. CONLAMIC has received many reports of racial profiling by Tulsa law enforcement, which has caused fear in the community.

The law, which takes effect November 1st, requires law enforcement agencies to check the immigration status of people.

Rohit Sharma, local counsel for CONLAMIC said they plan to file for an injunction Tuesday, preventing HB 1804 from taking effect.

"Justice will prevail as it has in our other cases. We will continue the effort to seek justice for innocent people. Immigrants in Tulsa and throughout Oklahoma give a great deal to this state through their hard work and economic contributions. I know God has blessed most Oklahomans with the heart to appreciate this. Unfortunately we must at times seek justice, not with the heart but through the legal system," said Rev. Rivera.

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