June 30, 2007

CONLAMIC's Letter to President George Bush

Written by Reverend Miguel Rivera

Washington, DC - First let me bring words of gratitude on behalf of all the 16,000 thousand Latino Christian churches that appreciate your the commitment you have demonstrated for comprehensive immigration reform. Collectively, we urge you not to be discourage and to be assured of our prayers on your behalf.

After the disappointing news created by the lack of action and compassion by some members of the Senate, it is almost certain that there is no possibility of passing legislation on this issue, however, CONLAMIC advisers and attorneys have identified two workable solutions that could be of great benefit to many undocumented immigrants and to bring some positive closure to this complex situation.

We know that you have been our best advocate on the issue and we believe that a Presidential Executive Order can make the most difference at this time.

An enactment of a "temporary permit status" under the guidelines of the actual TPS that benefits the Central American refugees, while ensuring the protection of our national security by requiring a mandatory registration of all undocumented immigrants that will grant them a temporary workers status and a path to adjust their immigration status under the guidelines of section 245-I of the immigration code.

The alternative is to request that leaders of Congress re-authorize Section 245-I of the Immigration Code.

If this is done, thousands of members of our congregations around the nation will gather in Washington for the Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations and demonstrate appreciation for your efforts on this issue. Your actions will be remembered for decades to come.

I will never forget the time during the 5 de mayo celebration when you told me, "Reverend, immigration reform will be done". I have being able to repeat your message of hope to all our affiliates around the country and this has made many so faithful and assured of your leadership and true commitment to national security, family values, economy, civil rights and moral issues.

As always, I share with you my gratitude for your friendship and most important, your Faith in God. I pray that the Lord will continue guiding you during this important time.

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