June 10, 2007

CONLAMIC Urges Congress to Act Responsibly in Favor of a Comprehensive Immigration Reform Solution

Washington, DC- National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC), the largest Latino Christian advocacy organization in the nation, representing more than 16,000 churches in 32 states, has sent letters to members of the Senate, both Democrats and Republicans urging that they immediately restore negotiations to achieve comprehensive immigration reform.

Reverend Miguel Rivera, President of CONLAMIC, understands that the White House is completely committed to continuing the fight in favor of S-1348 and furthermore, has called upon the Senate to act on their integrity and come to a solution on this important legislative effort.

"The national security of this nation is at stake and this Congress must act responsibly. They must act prudently and immediately to secure a solution to the broken immigration system. The agendas of special interest groups that oppose this effort must not hold more importance than the safety of our nation. Furthermore, the registration of the undocumented people who work in this country will bring them out of obscurity, hence, improving their quality of life,” said Rev. Rivera.

In the past, CONLAMIC has repeatedly denounced the actions of the labor union, AFL-CIO for being a major adversary of comprehensive immigration reform. In addition, CONLAMIC has passionately denounced the actions of ultra conservative groups like the Heritage Foundation, also considered an anti-immigrant organization whose communications have been discriminatory against Hispanics and have sparked anti-immigrant sentiment across the nation,” said Rev. Rivera.

In the letter sent to leaders of the Senate, CONLAMIC makes a reference to the township of Riverside, New Jersey and the state of Georgia. Both have adopted laws that breed repression of the undocumented residents. This is a result of the hypocrisy and game of special interest politics that has unfolded in the Senate thanks to members of the extreme left and right, a dilemma that has polarized the North American moral conscience.

In communications released from the offices of Senators Jon Kyl and Ted Kennedy, it’s clear that both intend to resume the debate this week with the goal of obtaining 60 votes to ensure the approval of the measure.

“The Senators must leave aside any attempts to perfect this legislation being that national security is at stake and more time cannot be wasted. The borders are porous and businesses need labor, but more importantly, many honest undocumented families and workers that live in our country and continue to contribute to our economy live without protection and are subject to exploitation on a daily basis. This can be dealt with if legislation is passed that will allow them to receive the protection that U.S. residents and citizens receive. This is a matter of justice and decency taking into account the dignity of all human beings,” declares Rev. Rivera.

CONLAMIC appreciates the commitment of the White House and the declarations of President Bush in his radio messages, in addition, supports the efforts of Secretaries Carlos Gutierrez and Michael Chertoff who seek to obtain a consensus among members of the Senate. CONLAMIC urges Speaker Nancy Pelosi to begin the same effort in the lower chamber, in hopes that by August 1st, we will have a new comprehensive immigration law.

"Through our radio program, CONLAMIC Informa, broadcast in 16 states, we are asking our vast audience for the continuation of phone calls to Senators and active participation in prayer vigils and public gatherings that will keep up the pressure in favor of a comprehensive solution to this issue and with emphasis on our national security,” concluded Rev. Rivera.

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