August 10, 2006

CONLAMIC's President Discusses Riverside

Riverside, NJ--As he testified before 2,000 people in the recent public hearings held in Riverside Township, in which the Mayor and his Council voted and passed anti-immigrant and business owner ordinances, Reverend Miguel Rivera, President of the National Coalition of Latino Clergy & Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC) was verbally abused by people who despondently lacked mercy and tolerance for others simply because of their own failure to adjust to the changing demographics of their commuty. These intolerant people seem to feel tremendous anger and loss as they fail to assimilate to their community's evolving ethinic identity.

The Reverend said today "I feel a strong sense of responsibility to educate those who are intolerant in America to accept their fellow man and find the positive in each human being that enriches our society as they work hard for to improve this nation for their families and for future generations." He said, "getting to know the people of Riverside has been interesting. The immigrant community has admirable work ethic and despite living in a community that does not accept them they show an incredible ability to rise above these difficult circumstances and work towards improving their family and community's economic well being."

The public officials of Riverside couldn't have imagined the significance of the moral path of a minister once a "sin of society" such as this anti-immigrant municipal ordinance has been called to his attention. "I understand that these officials are in fear now that they have awoken the Latino voice, also known as the sleeping giant," said Rev. Rivera. "The likely never imagined that they would attract Latino's from throughout a tri-state area (NJ,NY, PA) on a united front rising against this absurd ordinance that has divided the Riverside Township. On the contrary, their actions have united the Latino voice. "

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