August 01, 2006

CONLAMIC Hopes for a Quick End to Mexico’s Political Crisis

Washington, DC – Several weeks after the Presidential election, Mexico is in a political crisis, as the candidate who lost in a close race, Andrés Manuel López-Obrador, and his party contest the results of the election and mobilize more than a million of his supporters into the streets of Mexico City. This is causing the Mexican people to quickly tire of Lopez-Obrador's disruption of their daily life.

“More than 20 million people work in Mexico City everyday. López-Obrador’s massive demonstrations are paralyzing the city and its people are becoming very angry with his efforts to ‘defend democracy’. They simply want to get to work and not spend 5 hours trying to get there,” said Reverend Miguel Rivera, President of CONLAMIC. “López-Obrador clearly has a strong following, but promoting civil unrest and leading his supporters to the brink of violence is not the make up of an effective leader.”

Although the conservative candidate, Felipe Calderon, received the most votes, the PRI has not announced an official winner. The winner will not be announced until the Federal Electoral Institute (Instituto Federal Electoral) makes the official decision.

CONLAMIC supports a quick end to Mexico’s political crisis and faster transition into the new administration. The Mexican government needs stability and many of the people who live and work in Mexico City do not want their ability to make a living disrupted even for one day. “The leaders of our churches are praying for the people of Mexico in hopes that God will bring them peace and a new President who will bring positive change to Mexico’s economic and political challenges,” said Rev. Rivera.

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