July 23, 2006

Latino Pastors in New Jersey Respond to Mayor Charles Hilton Support of Anti-Immigrant Resolution

Riverside , NJ – On Monday, July 24th, more than thirty Latino Pastors from all over the state of New Jersey will hold a press conference at the entrance of Riverside's City Hall, 1 Scott St., at 7pm. This press conference will be held in response to Mayor Charles Hilton and the Riverside's City Council's intention to vote on and pass an anti-immigrant resolution similar to the one approved in Hazleton, PA. The National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders (CONLAMIC), the largest Latino Christian advocacy organization in the nation stands firmly against this resolution because of its hostile nature and the fact that it discriminates against Latinos and will hurt Riverside's business community.

In a letter sent to Mayor Charles Hilton of Riverside, CONLAMIC urged the mayor to stop this resolution, which is scheduled to come to vote on Wednesday, July 27th by Riverside's City Council. CONLAMIC has also urged Governor Jon Corzine to consider authorizing the Attorney General's Office to seek a federal court order to stop this legislative action by Riverside's Council Members on grounds that immigration policy is only related to Federal Government policy and action. "Mayor Hilton's intentions with this resolution are clearly anti-immigrant and discriminate against Latino's, especially since this would only be enforceable by adapting racial profiling and would be a tool placed in the hands of Riverside police and other city officials," cautioned Rev. Miguel Rivera, President of CONLAMIC.

"It's a great shame that Mayor Hilton is unable to see the economic advantage that hardworking immigrants bring to our communities, which keep Riverside and our nation competitive. If this resolution passes it will not only increase discrimination, it will also punish business and property owners, which will hurt Riverside's economic growth," said Rev. Rivera.

As of today, no response has been issued by the Riverside Chief of Police regarding a request of permit for the press conference requested by CONLAMIC's New Jersey Pastors.

"We are coming to Riverside to hold a prayer vigil on behalf of our nation, which is being torn apart by the irresponsible actions of members of the House of Representatives in Washington, D. C. by not acting prudently during the current legislative session in seeking a compromise with the U.S. Senate and bring comprehensive immigration reform that will allow millions of undocumented, hard working families continue their strong and positive contributions to the economy of the United States," said Rev. Miguel Rivera.

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